Baby Monitors ROCK!

Posted: August 23, 2007 by termite337 in Ensen & Avery, Family & Friends


Hello all…this is Kelly…and it’s my first blog. I’ve been instructed by the blog master that I must take over the site tonight because he’s on a secret mission for work. Well here goes…Tonight is my first night alone with Ensen, and I’ve decided to use the Graco baby monitor that Willie (Aunty Emmi’s mother-in-law) gave us. So far we haven’t had to use it because Ensen has been sleeping in our room in a bassinet (he’s still waking up for feedings). But tonight…since I put him to bed early, I figured I would take some time off. I can actually hang out in the other bedroom and know that he’s OK!

He’s snug as a bug…I haven’t heard one peep from him! Now, I just have to get rid of the urge to physically check up on him and use the monitor as it was meant to be used. Maybe on my next night off…



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