Did Ensen get spooked at Bishop Museum?

Posted: September 3, 2007 by Nathan Kam in Ensen & Avery, Family & Friends


After dropping my mom off at the airport this morning, the Kam family made the most of Labor Day by heading to Bishop Museum. Kelly had not been there for a while and we though it would be fun educating Ensen on Hawaiian culture and other cool stuff…or so we thought.

The museum is the best place to get immersed in Hawaiiana and the new Science Adventure Center is a cool place to learn about geography and how the Hawaiian Islands were formed. Not to mention, the Castle Memorial Building always has cool interactive exhibits. First stop on our visit, Hawaii Hall where most of the Hawaiiana exhibit is still under renovation. We were able to make it through the Pacific Island exhibits and also check out the Kahili Room. After some time here, it was off to the Science Adventure Center were we saw lava being make and had fun playing with the interactive exhibits (check us out below) making a volcano erupt and building my very own shield volcano out of wax.



But after we exited the Science Adventure Center and headed for the Castle Memorial Building, something “happened” to Ensen. It was about time for him to have lunch and we found a spot to feed him. But he wouldn’t have none of it. He cried and fussed and cried and fussed like there was no tomorrow. Nothing we could do could get him to eat…and this kid loves to eat! So we thought it might be something in the museum was affecting him. With that said, we headed for the car to try feeding him there without much luck.

After about 40 minutes, something finally gave and Kelly was able to feed Ensen in the car. Whatever was irritating him left and he was at ease. Thank goodness. That was the end of the day at Bishop Museum (arrival time..11:30 a.m…departure time 2:15 p.m.). Bummer, I was looking forward to visiting the Planetarium at least once. We’ll have to save it for the next time.

Once we hit the road, Ensen was back to his normal, cheerful, and adorable self.




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