Quite a busy weekend

Posted: September 24, 2007 by Nathan Kam in Ensen & Avery, Family & Friends

Where do I begin? This weekend was like a whirlwind and flew by too quickly. As you can see from the photo above, I’m poop’d! The weekend started with Kona grandma (Rhonda) and grandpa (Gary) flying in from the Big Island on Saturday morning and spent the weekend with us. It’s always good to see them and like I’ve said before, you gotta love those $9 airfares…this time we thank Aloha Airlines.

Emmi Meyer, Gwen Ochikubo (Amy’s sister), Kelly, Amy and Jon Hung.

Well actually, I take that back…the weekend really started with me dropping Kelly off at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel to get ready for her friend Amy’s wedding on Saturday. She was part of the bridal party and it was an all day affair…crusing with the girls, hair, makeup, and the whole nine yards. I on the other hand had “take care of Ensen duty” during the day with my parents, so we visited Great Grandma Kam (my grandma) in Aiea before coming home to relax so I could get ready for the wedding. Kona grandma and grandpa graciously agreed to baby sit Ensen for the night…thanks again mom and dad!

Wedding Ceremony on the Ocean Lawn. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hung. Kelly and her escort John.

It was a beautiful day in Waikiki and Amy’s had a really nice wedding on the Ocean Lawn. After the ceremony, we moved into the Monarch Ballroom for the reception, which include a Chinese lion dance and all traditional wedding stuff. I even got in on the act giving the banzai toast from the guests to the bride and groom – SHINRO, SHIMPU, BANZAI! Who would have thought the Chinese/Korean guy would get to do the Japanese toast…but oh well…it was fun! Things ended around 9 p.m. so we headed straight home

View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach. Emmi and Brandon Meyer. Kelly and I.

But that was just Saturday and we had a busy Sunday ahead…this entry is getting long so I’ll make this part quick. On Sunday, we took Ensen to get some photos taken at Sears. Although he looked really cute, the photos didn’t turn out so good. He wasn’t in his usual smiling self and the photos just didn’t seem right (Kelly took him back today, Monday, to try again and they turned out better…so those will be up soon). Here’s a few “behind the scenes “photos:

After Sears, we headed to my buddy Brad Araki’s 30th birthday BBQ at his in-laws house in Makiki. My parents came too. It’s crazy to think Regan, Brad, and I all 30 years old now…just seemed like yesterday we were turning 21…but I’d like to think we’re all aging handsomely. Brad and his wife Tricia are expecting their first child in December…a baby girl…so Ensen will have a playmate shortly. As usual at any Araki/Ogimi get together, we ate, drank, talked story, and had a great time. Here’s a few pictures to remember the day:

Brad and his niece Sarah. Regan, Ensen and me enjoying a beer. Ensen spending time with Uncle Regan.

Aunty Cathy and Ensen. Tricia presents Brad his birthday cake.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. I’m tired all over again just thinking about it. Back to the ‘ol grind at the office and I hope next weekend is a bit quieter.



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