Meet Abigail…Ensen’s 2nd cousin!

Posted: October 7, 2007 by termite337 in Ensen & Avery, Family & Friends


Two months after Ensen was born, my only female cousin, Becky, gave birth to her first daughter, Abigail (2 months). It was an exciting summer. My Grandmother, Ethel, finally became a Great Grandma. And would you believe that Becky and I are two of her youngest grandkids? Hint hint to you older grandkids…you know who you are!

p1040890.jpg p1040904.jpg p1040908.jpg

It was a super nice day and Ensen had fun playing with everyone. Uncle Michael showed him the leaves of Grandma’s mango tree (sorry to report…no mangoes this season), Joy held him facing forward so he could see the world, and Grandma held him in her lap and he was so content.


Becky and I were naughty kids growing up. We’d always get into so much trouble. I remember we used to rip apart Grandma’s plants and throw the leaves onto her cactus. So naughty…it’s too bad that Becky and Abigail have to go back home to Texas. I would have loved to see Ensen and Abigail follow in their mom’s footsteps!

p1040900.jpg p1040917.jpg p1040921.jpg

It’s amazing how fast babies grow and how fast you forget how little they once were. Ensen is only 4 months, and I’ve already forgotten that he was once as small as Abigail! People always told me that babies grow up fast. I don’t think you can really grasp that concept until you have kids of your own. After holding Abigail, I still couldn’t believe that Ensen was once that size.


As you can see, Ensen had a long day. He fell asleep shortly after we arrived at New Mui Kwai for dinner. George, however, wasn’t so lucky. Ensen had him in a choke hold the whole night!



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