Entertainment system on steroids!

Posted: October 15, 2007 by Nathan Kam in Ensen & Avery, Family & Friends


For Ensen these days, sitting and laying around the house ranks up there with an empty bottle and a dirty diaper. He doesn’t really care for it and lately he’s gotten a lot more vocal about things. He lets us know exactly what’s on his mind and standing up is the only thing that can get him to quiet down nowadays.


So putting two and two together, Kelly and I went out to Toys ‘R’ Us yesterday on a mission to find an “entertainment system” that would allow Ensen to be upright on his feet and keep him occupied. The solution? EvenFlo’s ExerSaucer Triple Fun. This thing is like a chair on steroids loaded with tons of toys, blinking lights, interesting sounds, and things for him to grab on to. The verdict? He loves it. He’s getting used to the fact that the seat spins around, but every time he uses it he gets more coordinated and is discovering the new features.

A huge thank you to Kona Grandma and Grandpa for hooking him up with this cool distraction.

More photos and videos (like the one below) to come as Ensen learns how to twist around in the seat.



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