Is TSA really doing its job?

Posted: October 19, 2007 by Nathan Kam in Random Raves & Rants


I haven’t been traveling much for work or pleasure since Ensen was born, so I made the mistake of putting some “illegal” items in my carry-on during my recent trip to Kauai. DOH! The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent in Honolulu told me he needed to check my bag and he found my bottle of shaving cream that exceeded the limitations. He confiscated it, I shed a small tear, and then I carried on to my gate to catch my flight. Everything else in my carry-on was cleared to travel including my oversized toothpaste, oversized face wash, and a nearly oversized bottle of cologne. Glad those weren’t confiscated! We’ll not so fast.

On my return flight home from Kauai, the TSA agent at Lihue Airport told me she needed to check my bag. What did she find? My oversized toothpaste and oversized face wash. OOOPS! I asked her if the screening station regulations at each airport were different as I just traveled yesterday with these items in my bag. She half jokingly told me “our eyes are better than theirs (the Oahu TSA agents).” THAT’S A SCARY THOUGHT!

But not as scary as this story I just read today on titled “Airport screeners failed to find most fake bombs, TSA says.”

I can understand a little toothpaste or face washing slipping through every now and then, but c’mon screeners, let’s try to catch a few more of those fake bombs, please. YOWSER!


  1. concerned citizen says:

    Kauai TSA is a bunch of bandits. They steal stuff that they have no right to from checked baggage.

  2. John says:

    TSA was created to give displace airline employees a job. Scary thought, giving people with absolutely no law enforcement or security training or background. Then you give these people the right to create their own rules as they go along regarding what “they” think is dangerous. A recent documentary on the History channel showed 1 oz of liquid explosive to the bulkhead of an aircraft when detonated will bring the aircraft to the ground, all lives will be lost! Yet, TSA “allows” 3.5 oz of liquids to carry-on, and unlimited to check-in baggage. TSA requires medication in a quart zip lock bag, not in the convenient weekly dispensers – now they are the prescription drug police! Does TSA check each bottle of liquid or prescription bottle? NO, that would take too much time! Who are the ones being literally strip searched at the checkpoints? The elderly, disabled and small children and infants. When was the last time one heard of an American using an infant to carry a bomb, or a disabled person in a wheel chair doing the same? Like NEVER. The USA and TSA have made Americans prisoners in their own land, basically like the Gestapo in WWII Germany. Exactly who is the enemy? Since we can’t really tell, Mid-Easterners and othe foreigners can’t be subjected to close scrutiny because that would be PROFILING. But is we do it to all others, it’s ok. Seems to me we have forgotted what is important in this country, freedom to travel and the right to happiness. These basic rights are under the Bill of Rights have been eroded by the Patriot Act. Think about it!

  3. jane says:

    First of all…it’s not that thier eyes are better or worse because didnt you say that your bag did get screened? Maybe the airport on Oahu allowed it because they didnt feel it was dangerous..I’m not saying that it was o.k for them to do that, but i’m just making the point that they DID see it. If they took it away would you be posting a blog saying “TSA why are they taking my toothpaste?” I think that no matter what is done people like you will never be happy. You get mad when we do our jobs and you rush us through it like its our fault you’re late, and then when we do something like allow you to take that oversized toothpaste, you complain! I say that travelers should not be alowed to take ANY carry on’s…even more so now that i’ve read this blog! I mean, yeah you should be able to take bottles and medicine, and the necessairy, but nothing else…and it will come to that, because of people like you who post these kinds of articles without knowing what you’re talking about and without realizing how this blog can affect the traveling community. Second…you’re depending on an article that is talking about instances that have happened in 2005 to make your point, and ma’am if I may say, A LOT has changed since 2005! and by the way, why didn’t you post on how much things have improved since those tests were failed? Why didn’t you post how TSA runs these fake bombs throught the screening areas everyday, so that we can improve our vigilance? Why don’t you post on how it has become second nature for screeners in those particular airports (the ones that failed the tests) to find the components? Why don’t you post on how we as a nation has changed our protocols to lessen the threat of anything bad getting through our airports? Why don’t you write a letter to the homeland security on TSA’s behalf requesting that we get better epuipment to help us in detecting these particular items? I mean, whos side are you on? We do what we have to do to keep people like you and your familys safe…and we don’t ask for a pat on the back, just a little cooperation. and certainly enough appreciation so that the people we work our behinds off for to keep safe, wouldn’t post this kinds of “supportive things” but hey keep posting these kinds of things and maybe one day it’ll be like I hope it would where people wont even be able to bring a carry on unless it’s 100 percent necessairy… and when that day comes, don’t complain because you contributed to it!! thanks!!

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