Family, food, and fun on Christmas Eve!

Posted: December 25, 2007 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends

Ensen with his second cousins Cailey, Chloe, and Courtney.

Kelly, Ensen and I spent Christmas Eve with my parents, sister, Uncle Dickie, and the Tonokawa family (Aunty Steph, Uncle Alan, and their four girls Courtney, Chloe, Cailey, and Caitie…aka the “4 Cs”).

We all met up for dinner at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant and Bar on Kapiolani Boulevard, one of our favorite restaurants for “tapas style” Japanese fusion cuisine (more about the food and drinks soon in another “Restaurant Ramblings” blog). It’s been nearly four months since they last saw Ensen, so it was hard from everyone to restrain from holding the little guy…at least for a little while.

From left: Chloe and Ensen. Uncle Dickie taking video for the family archives. Aunty Erin giving Kelly and I a chance to eat.

From left: Uncle Dickie, Caitie, and Chloe. Alan, Catie, dad (Gary), and mom (Rhonda) with the little guy. Everyone having a good time.

Dinner was great and when everyone was full, we headed to the Tonokawa’s house in Manoa for more holiday entertainment. Bingo has become somewhat of a family tradition around the holidays, so this year Aunty Steph mixed it up a bit with some Christmas style bingo which used pictures instead of numbers on the cards. Everyone was a winner taking home cash and prizes. During the times when Kelly and I won, we let Ensen pick a prize for us. I gotta say, the kid has a nose for money as he picked three cash prizes. YEAH!

From left: Special holiday bingo cards. Ensen drawing a prize from the goodie bag. Family enjoying time together.

Well, we didn’t stay late enough to open presents with the family. Kelly, Ensen, and I headed home just short of midnight for a good nights rest. We figured we’d all need it for the following morning to keep up with Ensen’s excitement of opening his gifts. We were right. A blog about his first Christmas coming up soon.



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