Countdown to the Sugar Bowl…5 days ’till kickoff!

Posted: December 27, 2007 by Nathan Kam in New Orleans, Travel

allstate_sugarbowl.png I really don’t have much to say tonight except, “New Orleans…here we come!” I still can’t believe we leave for The Big Easy in less than 48 hours. I’ve still got to pack but that shouldn’t really be a problem. Our group has agreed to travel light and to only check bags if really necessary. With two connections on different airlines heading to Houston, it’s probably a good idea.

But as more and more people learned that I was heading to the Sugar Bowl, the requests started coming in. Can you bring me back a t-shirt? A program? Something from the game you can’t get here in Hawaii? My answer: ABSOLUTELY!

So I’ve got my shopping list of all the things my family and friends want from the big game. It also means I’ll need to “go against the grain” and send at least one suitcase through baggage to bring everything back. It’s all worth it for the love of the Warriors and the fans who supported them throughout the year.

If anyone else wants something from the game, give me a call. I’ll try to squeeze it in the suitcase.



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