Happy Birthday Uncle Dickie!

Posted: January 19, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends

Uncle Dickie shows Caitie how to take photos on his new camera.

The family gathered today at Happy Day Restaurant in Kaimuki to celebrate Uncle Dickie’s (my mom’s brother) birthday. We all enjoyed a delicious feast of dim sum that included fried taro, pork hash, char siu bao, a variety of look fun rolls, stuffed eggplant, seafood wrapped in bean curd, beef broccoli cake noodle, and much more. I better stop there as I’m getting hungry again just thinking about how good everything was.

Ensen was his usual good self the entire time , so after everyone was done eating, it was time to play with all the aunties, uncles, and cousins before heading home. As you can see from the pictures below, he too had a good time celebrating with Uncle Dickie and the rest of the family.

From left: Aunty Erin, Ensen, Chloe, and I pose for a picture. Everyone having a good laugh with Ensen. Aunty Caroline holds the little guy for the first time.

From left: Aunty Steph carries Ensen while Uncle Dickie, Cailey, and Uncle Alan relax. Looks like Aunty Steph loves carrying Ensen. Aunty Caroline, Uncle Dickie and Aunty Steph talk story after lunch.

From left: Ensen hamming it up for the camera. Aunty Erin and Caitie taking pictures of Ensen. Here I am trying to be fancy taking pictures in sepia.

From left: Ensen and daddy! Caitie and Ensen talking story.



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