Photo courtesy of General Growth Properties.

When Kelly and I moved to Salt Lake a few years go, we both agreed it’s the farthest point west we’d live outside of “Honolulu.” Any further west would mean more traffic and a longer commute to and from work in the mornings and evenings. Not a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, we like Salt Lake, but I think given the right opportunity we’d move back to town in a heartbeat.

So when I read the story “Ward envisioned as urban village” in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin this morning, I immediately thought to myself “wow, it would be pretty cool to live in an place like this.” General Growth Properties has big plans to redevelop 60-acres of land in the Ward/Kakaako area into a new residential/retail/business area community called Ward Neighborhood.

We already like hanging out down at Ward Centers which has some great restaurants and entertainment. The thought of living there would be pretty neat as well.



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