Anthology edited out of Quiz Bowl!

Posted: February 12, 2008 by Nathan Kam in On The Job
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Team “Anthologists Anonymous” consisted of me, Ashley, Keith, Erin, and Page.

With four Anthology Marketing Group teams participating in the College Connections Quiz Bowl this past weekend, one of our brilliant groups was bound to make it to the finals, right? WRONG! The elimination round consisting of 100 multiple choice questions “edited” all of the Anthology teams our of competition. With almost 30 teams competing, the 15 minutes given to complete the quiz flew by in no time. Only the top eight made it to the “TV round” of competition, while the rest of the teams enjoyed the good food, cold beverages, and fun served up at the Hawaii Japanese Cultural Center.

My apologies to team “Sexual Chocolate” – comprised of Michael, Maria, Mei Jeanne, Wendy, and Deral – who I failed to photograph that evening. Someone send me a photo to post. And kudos to Amy Hennessey, College Connections board member and VP at McNeil Wilson, for putting everything together. The other two teams are shown below (sorry, still didn’t get a “real” digital camera yet…cell phone shots).

“Team Hogwarts” showed some spirit and really dressed up for the evening. Brooke, Lori, Patrick, Scott, and John deserved the “Best Costume” award, but somehow it was given to a team dressed up as the Starwars brigade.

The “Mainland Media Anthologists” team couldn’t kill the competition with their smarts and good looks, but Lee, Melissa, Darcy, Casey, and Kalei all had a great time.

Congratulations to the “Seventy Sevens” – a group of attorneys I’m told – who to took home the championship this year. I’m certain we’ll do a lot better next year. Bring it on!!!



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