Happy Birthday Kelly!

Posted: February 18, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends


Today is Kelly’s __ (fill in the blank) birthday and since I had the day off, Ensen and I went to pay her at surprise visit at work. But before getting there, we headed to GameStop to buy some games for her new Nintendo DS Lite, which she got from her dad and mom. After that, it was a quick stop at Watanabe Floral to buy some flowers then on to Weyerhaeuser to make the delivery. Kelly loved the flowers Ensen picked out, then when we got home, we hid all the game around the house and made her find them. She liked the four games we picked too.

After dinner, the one thing I realized I forgot to get was a small cake…DOH! But that’s okay, we’ll perhaps improvise with some ice cream and sing Happy Birthday. We’re simple like that. Or maybe we can just take a page out of Ensen’s book and eat the first thing we find within arms reach…like he’s doing in the photos below…



Then again, maybe not! Sorry no birthday cake babe! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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