From left: Dean Richard Dubanoski, me, David Wilson, Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw, David McNeil, and Amy Hennessey.

As a University of Hawaii alumni, it was an honor to accompany my boss David McNeil and his partner David Wilson, founders of McNeil Wilson Communications, to a special ceremony at UH to thank them for their generous donation of $35,000 to the University of Hawaii Foundation. The gift will be used to establish an endowed scholarship fund on behalf of the School of Communications benefiting students majoring in communications with an emphasis on public relations.

My fellow colleague Amy Hennessey (like I a UH alum, fellow Big Islander, and graduate of the School of Communications…formerly the School of Journalism) was there as well. It was a proud moment for the both of us as University of Hawaii at Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw and College of Social Sciences Dean Richard Dubanoski praised McNeil and Wilson for their philanthropy.

It’s these kinds of good acts that make me proud to work at McNeil Wilson. And I’m sure a few others around the office too, since more than half our staff in the public relations division alone are graduates of UH.

Read the photo release our firm issued yesterday.


[Photo courtesy of University of Hawaii Foundation]

  1. Nathan says:


    Depending on what field of study you’re looking to pursue, I think UH Manoa is a great college to consider. It’s the only one I applied for and got my degree in journalism years ago. They have some really strong programs there like marine studies, business, medicine, and law. I’m sure there are others I’m missing.

    The campus is large, but nice with some new amenities. Campus Center was a popular hang out spot for us with lots of options to eat and for entertainment.

    The dorms were less than desirable when I was living in them, but they’ve been getting upgraded. There is a new dorm that just came up which is super nice. The food was good in my opinion and you have lots of options around campus.

    And the people…Hawaii people are generally nice and friendly. I was lucky to be there with a bunch of friends from high school and ended up meeting lots of new people along the way. You will too, especially if you live on campus.

    Regarding the rugby club, I wasn’t aware there was one. I do know there are rugby leagues in Honolulu though, so if that’s important, you do have options. When it comes to sports at UH, football rules, followed by women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, and baseball.

    I hope I’ve been able to answer some of your questions. If you have more, feel free to connect back again.


  2. megaroniandcheese says:

    My name is Megan and I’m a senior in HS who lives in NJ. I sent an app. to UHM but i’m really lost. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the school. The campus, the dorms, the food, the people, anything!! I’m really interested in their rugby club but it doesn’t say anything about it on their athletics page. Thank you soooo much!

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