Travel today is expensive period, not just to Hawaii!

Posted: April 16, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Random Raves & Rants
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Another beautiful day at the Hanalei Bay Pier on Kauai.

News headlines these days have been pretty grim for Hawaii following the shutdown of Aloha Airlines and ATA. Most outlets are speculating airfare to the islands will rise due to a reduction in seats and jet fuel prices at all time record highs. I think it’s fair to say travelers will certainly see higher fares in the near future.

But despite all of the negative headlines, I was curious to find out just how expensive it is to fly to Hawaii this summer from some of this destination’s key markets (versus other competitive destinations like Orlando, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, London, etc.).

So I did some very non-scientific research yesterday on I picked travel dates (July 3-11), which I thought airfares were most likely to be at a premium. And here is what I found (rates based on one round trip ticket):

Los Angeles

  • LAX-HNL (Honolulu) – $538
  • LAX-MCO (Orlando) – $369
  • LAX-KIN (Jamaica) – $550
  • LAX-FPO (Bahama) – $476
  • LAX-MEX (Mexico) – $357
  • LAX-LHR (London) – $1,103

San Francisco

  • SFO-HNL (Honolulu) – $652
  • SFO-MCO (Orlando) – $399
  • SFO-KIN (Jamaica) – $700
  • SFO-FPO (Bahama) – $513
  • SFO-MEX (Mexico) – $545
  • SFO-LHR (London) – $1,123

Vancouver, B.C.

  • YVR-HNL (Honolulu) – $754
  • YVR-MCO (Orlando) – $648
  • YVR-KIN (Jamaica) – $1,004
  • YVR-FPO (Bahama) – $777
  • YVR-MEX (Mexico) – $723
  • YVR-LHR (London) – $1,215

New York

  • NYC-HNL (Honolulu) – $868
  • NYC-LAX (Los Angeles) – $366
  • NYC-KIN (Jamaica) – $445
  • NYC-FPO (Bahama) – $347
  • NYC-MEX (Mexico) – $342
  • NYC-LHR (London) – $912

To summarize:

  • No matter what destination you’re thinking of traveling to, airfares will generally be high across the board, particularly to Europe.
  • Airfare from the West Coast/Canada to Hawaii remains very competitive with other destinations. The current exchange rate for Canadians makes a trip/vacation to Hawaii very reasonable.
  • Airfare from the East Coast to Hawaii is higher versus travel to competitive destinations. No surprise here regardless of the current airline situation.

Looking at the bigger travel picture, if you’re determined to take a tropical overseas vacation this summer regardless of the cost, Hawaii is still a great value! What are you waiting for? Do your research, book early, put your tax refund to good use, and make that Hawaii vacation a reality.

To start planning your Hawaii vacation, visit



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