UPDATE (4/7/10): Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey has been picked up by The Travel Channel and debuts this coming Wednesday, April 14 at 11/11;30 p.m. ET! Rumor has it that the Hawaii episode will be shown to launch the season on the network. If you can’t wait, you can always watch it on Hulu.com! Enjoy!

The one and only Zane Lamprey with yours truly.

As a fan of the drinking show Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey (formerly on MOJO HD and Fine Living Network), it was amazing to finally meet the man himself on Oahu the other day at Duke’s Canoe Club (Outrigger Waikiki). You never know what these celebrity encounters will be like, but Zane is as cool as they come and the guy is funny as hell!

Don’t have HD cable? No problem. You can still watch the show online at Hulu.com.

I’ve been working with Zane’s production team (Christina, Curtiss, and Eric you guys are awesome!) to get the show to Hawaii since the beginning of the year and all the hard work has finally come to fruition. A little PR project for my client the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau to showcase a little different side of what Hawaii is all about.

Shooting a scene with Zane on the beach in Waikiki. Those familiar with the show, that’s Curtiss the Cameraman and Eric the Sound Guy to the right.

I’m not going to give away anything about the show, but I can assure you the stuff we’ve been filming the past two days on Oahu have been great. Things even the locals here probably didn’t know about.

We’re off to Maui today for more fun and exploration of Hawaii’s drinking culture. I’ll try to post more tidbits along the way. Oh, and by the way, Pleepleus the monkey made the trip too!


  1. Thomas says:

    Who does the Maui Brewing Co. purchase it crude potato alcohol from?

  2. golfnutn8 says:


    Yes. See my Maui post. Maui Brewing Co. and Ocean Vodka make the show.


  3. Junon says:

    Will any of the local microbreweries be featured?

    Cant spend time on Maui and not check out Maui Brewing Company.

  4. Antonio says:

    I like your site, thank you for sharing. I just landed oance in Hawai on my way to New Zeland but i will try to go some day, i can see you have a goooood and peacefull life there.

    Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico

  5. Melissa says:

    I only have basic cable, dammit! What is this show?

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