UPDATE (4/7/10): Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey has been picked up by The Travel Channel and debuts this coming Wednesday, April 14 at 11/11;30 p.m. ET! Rumor has it that the Hawaii episode will be shown to launch the season on the network. If you can’t wait, you can always watch it on Hulu.com! Enjoy!

It’s a wrap! Eric the Sound Guy, me, Zane, Shay (Ocean Vodka), Garrett (Maui Brewing Co.), and Curtiss the Cameraman below.

After finishing up on Oahu, the Three Sheets crew moved to Maui on Sunday. Again, I’m not going to disclose too much (you’ll need to watch Three Sheets Hawaii in January on MOJO HD) but since you’ve been asking, here’s a little recap of our recent shoot on the island.

Zane at the Ocean Vodka facility in Kahului. This stuff is awesome!

The show wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to Ocean Vodka and its “unmarked” distillery in Kahului. Zane had a bast getting to know the family that makes this unbelievably delicious handcrafted spirit and also getting hands on working in the factory. By the way, there was a “Three Sheets First” that occurred during this visit, so you’ll have to watch the show. Let’s just say it involves the number 1-9-2. Any guesses what this means?

Zane also visited a new bar in Lahaina called the Mai Tai Lounge on Front Street. Sorry, no photos of this one as I was responsible for taking care of Curtiss the Cameraman’s light on the floor below all the action.

Yesterday, we shot the open of the show which included a little spoof on the whole Magnum P.I. thing! This open alone will be worth tuning into the show.

Then Zane was invited to a backyard paina to drink it up local style. The segment will speak for itself when you see it, so I’ll keep you hanging there. The folks from Ocean Vodka were in attendance, along with Garrett Marrero of Maui Brewing Company. I became a big fan of their Coconut Porter during a visit to Maui with the family a month or so ago. Garrett and Zane broke it all down and tasted a few of the brewery’s offerings. Ocean Vodka cocktails were also abundant and a good time was had by all. George Kahumoku Jr. also showed up and played some Hawaiian music, while girls from the Old Lahaina Luau showed Zane how to hula.

Garrett from Maui Brewing Company with Zane and guests.

Everyone yelling “Three Sheets Hawaii” for the camera. Curtiss the Cameraman and Eric the Sound Guy with the lovely girls from Old Lahaina Luau. Zane with Grammy Award-winning entertainer George Kahumoku, Jr.

Zane with Shay and Garrett. Producer Christina with the guys. Zane being entertained.

The production winds down over the next couple days with more fun stuff on the schedule. Stay tuned for more vague updates. Once production wraps I’ll get into more detail as we head towards January’s airing of the Hawaii episode.

Okole ma luna (bottoms up)!


  1. golfnutn8 says:

    Josh, I too am a huge fan of the show and Pleepleus did make an appearance several times throughout the show. Steve McKenna however did not. The Hawaii episode airs in January 2009, so you didn’t miss anything yet. Stay tuned as we get closer to the date. The Hawaii show is going to rock!

  2. Josh says:

    Freakin Awesome!

    Im a HUGE fan of three sheets. Did the monkey make an appearance? What about Steve McKenna?

    Too freakin cool. Sorry I missed it

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