Ensen’s old hairstyle.

Okay, nothing against the Asian rock/pop star hairdo Ensen’s been sporting for the past 11.5 months. Kelly and I both agreed that he actually looked pretty cool with the long bangs, sideburns, and something that resembled a mullet in the back. It was cute but getting a little out of hand!

But push came to shove today and we had to do it with Ensen’s first birthday coming up next week. Off to Pigtails & Crewcuts at Moanalua Shopping Center we went and $30 later (we got the special first haircut package $24.95 plus tax and tip), here’s the result. We think he looks pretty darn handsome and it was money well spent. What do you think?

Ensen’s new hairstyle. Photo taken at Ruby Tuesday’s during dinner tonight.  We have a feeling a certain grandpa in Kona is going to say something about his ears.

Kelly and Ensen goofed around with a wig before the haircut. But then it was all business. He was strapped into a “taxi cab” chair and fed animal cookies along the way. He was such a good boy the whole time.

To celebrate the new do, we stopped at Toys R Us and Ensen picked out the Fisher Price Corn Popper toy pictured above . He even showed us how to stand it up on its own before heading to bed tonight.

We’ll post a video of the little guy getting buzzed tomorrow!



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