What Happens in Vegas…

Posted: June 23, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Nevada, On The Job, Travel
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After reading today’s story in the The Honolulu Advertiser titled “Las Vegas braces for a tough year,” I wish the destination’s infectious “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” tagline was true.  But unfortunately, what’s happening in Las Vegas is happening to all destinations around the country.  As airlines continue to cut routes to cope with rising fuel prices, destinations are seeing fewer visitors and the fight to keep them coming is getting fierce. Which means those in the business of tourism marketing are looking for every opportunity to keep demand strong and prices affordable.

So what’s the solution? Who knows?! But if the research on Hawaii travelers we’re seeing is any indication, there’s still plenty of demand for the destination and plenty of room for the industry to get creative in keeping people coming.

Truth of the matter is the cost of vacations are going to cost you more no matter where you go. The question is what story do you want to be telling around the office water cooler the Monday following that vacation? The one about the unforgettable vacation to Hawaii or the one about the road trip to Arizona (nothing against Arizona!)?

I rest my case! But what’s the key to keeping them coming here?


[Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas News Bureau/LVCVA.]


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