Convinced we’re haunted by the number 337!

Posted: June 26, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends, Random Raves & Rants
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The latest 337 haunting was seen by my sister Erin who attended a wedding at the Halekulani this past weekend. Who knew there was such a brand of wine? We do now! Yikes!

UPDATE: I’ve since created a separate blog solely dedicated to this fine number 337. You can check out my recent sightings here.

It’s time to come clean on something kind of funny and eerie! I’m not the superstitious type, but ever since my days in college the number 337 has followed me everywhere. No matter where I go, what I do, or whatever, the damn number haunts me to no end. I’m optimistic that it represents something positive (hopefully my future salary with three zeros at the end of it), but I can’t tell you how anxious I am to find out what it really means. BTW, I’ve since passed it on to Kelly (your welcome babe!).

It all started with my friend Leighton and the days of pagers (remembers those gizmos?). While attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa, we all had pagers and had special codes to signify who was paging. My code was “178” which looked like N8 or Nate. Well, Leighton’s pager happened code happened to be “337” or Lee upside down. That was cool…

…until we moved into apartment C337 at Hale Noelani at UH for a year. That was a bit creepy but I passed it off as a random incident since it was really only my second run in with The Number. We had good times there, nothing crazy happened, and life went on. But then strange things started to happen.

  • Everytime I randomly looked at the clock on the wall at the library, at my job, in the car…the time just happened to be 3:37.
  • When going to the grocery store, I’d always pick up the ground beef or pork that happened to be $3.37.
  • Driving in my car, you can probably guess what I’m about to say. Yep, on several dozen occasions the car in front of me just happened to have a license place with the number 337. See photos below!

Random 337 sightings on the way to the office. Seriously, what’s going on?!

But the incident that put it over the top was when Kelly’s brother Jon moved into the Noelani apartment complex at UH years after I graduated and ended up in the same room I had when I was there…C337!! WTF?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve since passed it on to Kelly, we continue to pick up ground beef, look at the clock, and follow cars that have 337 connected to it. Heck, I think I’ve even passed it along to my other family and friends (as evidenced in the photo above).

Is anyone else out there “cursed” by the number 337? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences…good and bad.


  1. Sanjay says:

    I am experiencing the same..the number 337 haunts me everywhere..!!!!

    • Liza says:

      I too am haunted by 337. I have tons of pictures to prove it. But my most recent encounter with the number was when I got in my car turned it on and my clock displayed 337. My radio started going on and off and the numbers on the clock started blinking on and off! Mind you I have a new car so the radio and clock always run well. I tried to recored it right away, got a bit of it. It truly scared the crap out of me! I would love to find the meaning behind ” why this number”, “why me”. I play to number to see if it’s my lucky number, but no luck with it lol. It’s always on my mind and always popping up everywhere even my kids think it’s crazy. I know in my heart the is a true meaning behind and hope it relviels itself someday. 🙂


    • Michael Rivera says:

      What are the chances of 337 popping up in random number sets? I’d have to say 1/1000 chance.
      1/720 in 12 hours for a clock displaying 3:37

      I think we all focus in on these three for some reason. I get the same feeling with 11:37.

      I’ve revisited this site when I think 337 is haunting me, or has some secret meaning that one is purposely putting 337 out there.


      “AR 337. Verse 15. And the kings of the earth, and the great ones, and the rich, and the rulers of thousands, and the mighty, and every servant, and every freeman, signifies those who before separation were in the understanding of truth and good,…”

      We are heading toward artificial intelligence and automation taking over positions normally occupied by the most qualified parroting flesh puppets.

  2. Thato says:

    1st.. Sory for my bad english..
    Well, im always haunted by this 337,137 or 37.. But the 337 have been the longest one, since 3 march 2007, well even the date is 337..,
    But for 8 years im always think its a good sign
    But now, i dunno why but this number 337 always show up 5-10times a day and iam always end up become sad, regreting something, missing something, for short, im become down at the end of the day..
    Well i used to love seeing those 337 numbers..
    I just hope i can feel that way again..
    Its always been my lucky number, but its diff for the last 2years, and become worst recently..

  3. Lee says:

    my name is Lee and what you wrote above is exactly how I feel about this 337. I can look at the clock at any given time it will 3:36-3:37 or 338 but you know I see that six turn into a seven or I just look over to catch the 7 turn to a 8.. every time to a point I can almost call it out without knowing the time. The table I just got for our backyard. Dimensions 33.7″ x 37″
    The licence plate just happens to often doesn’t even faze me anymore. When I was young everyone was spelling boobies or boobless on a calculator. I found out I can put my name in. The one that really made me frustrated was skipping channels and randomly landed on a show that had people running some marathon didn’t care left it I hear the microwave. I get up to go get my food.. reach the kitchen and wow folks look at that 3 MINUTES and 33 SECONDS folks!! The winner! At 3.37! Is it all just subconscious? Was it because I was named lee?? Lol one thing I’m sure of Now is that I’m not alone!! People let’s form a new community and call it 337 lol

  4. Jaime says:

    All of us who are “haunted” by the number 337, are actually Alters of the same Original, which is why we all have that strange connection to the same number (among other things).

  5. CATH UNWIN says:

    hi there My husband s favourite number was 337…. a few weeks before he passed suddenly, he said he saw it all the time on clocks. I had been sleeping on the lounge thec past four night.The next night I slept in bed, I got up and the wall clock in the loungeoom had stopped at 3:37

  6. Laura says:

    I have this number in my life… My older sister was born at 337am, I was born at 337am my first son was born at 337am and I was in labour with my daughter for 3hours 37minutes…

  7. Jeremy P says:

    My girlfriend and I are haunted, not by the number 337, but the number 848. Very similar to your story, no matter where were at or what were doing, anything that involves numbers we run into the number 848. My girlfriend said she been haunted by this number for well over half her life(she’s 24). We have been together for a few months shy of 7 years. I had never had this number haunt me until a few years ago after I found out she had this issue. We see clocks at 8:48, I’ve left work at 8:48, Ive had to stop at rail road track and saw a trailer with the number 8-4.8 stamped on the side. Hell, when I set my alarm last night my phone tells how much time until it goes off. 8 hours 48 minutes. 8HOURS48MINUTES?! why? What is this number?! How is it possible that both of us now just so happens to see the same number ALL the time. Another example, my girlfriend has always dreamed about visiting/moving to Seattle Washington and more so the space needle. How many steps are inside the space needle in order to reach the top? 848 steps. So yes, it’s very eerie and creepy but aside from that nothing else has happened. I wish there was some answer.

  8. Andre says:

    Ok this is freaky! I thought I was the only one that saw this number. Showed it to my wife a couple of years back and she can’t believe it.. I literally see this number daily, everywhere I go, and in the most random places. I’ve only decided today to see if I can find anything online and came upon this.. I feel and know I need to make sense of this number, has anyone come close to figuring it out yet?

  9. coco says:

    i see the numbers 337 everywhere too. Thought i was alone glad im not hahha

  10. mjuanorio says:

    My history with the number 337 had started around twelve. We were in the basement of a friends house and he had pointed it out on a bottle and told us how him and his family see the number every where. I am now 28 years old and live with my cousin who, because of a pretty in-depth history with the number 337, has it tattoed on the back of his neck. This number still sticks out to me frequently and I don’t quite remember what I had thought of it when I was younger but around the age of twenty five the number began taking on a strong emotional feeling of threat or danger. I now look at the number as a warning and I just read that that is one of the numerological meanings of 37; that it is a warning. Too, almost forgot but another mutual friend that moved out of the house that I am currently living in had the number 337 engraved into the side of his glasses.

  11. Rogelio Diaz says:

    This is crazy!! I didnt know there were other people seeing this number. I have seen that number in some places. The first time it just came to my head like 5 years ago, since then I cant get it out of my head. Sometimes I catch myself saying and repeating that number over and over, its really creepy and cool hahah. I just dont know why it just came to me, or why I keep thinking about it. I read somewhere its angel number 337. Im not very religious but this makes me think, what if it is an angel trying to communicate, or guide me. Good things happen when that number pops up out of nowhere.

  12. haras says:

    i see 337 EVERYWHERE i turn the corner its 3:37 theres a timout at my basketball game and theres 3:37 left in the quarter and so much more and im freakin out and i see licence plates too i dont know what it means and i want to know😭😱😱

  13. Mikee says:

    Hi All,

    This is so common also in my life, 337 not but Sequences of numbers and repetitions.
    I seriously thought there was a joke or game at first ( a long time ago now ) so i searched to look for an answer. Through years of research I found that they are indeed Angel numbers which keep occurring such as 11.11 or 22.22 or 333 3333 This was driving me spare!
    On i go and finding out through a verity of different sources it ascertains that this is how the angelic realm communicates to certain people.
    Not elite but on the correct frequency of conscious awareness. ( i didn’t believe this to start with either).

    When more and more wierd off key stuff happening which were too uncanny to happen before a situation would happen, a flood of “coincidental” number sequences before and after the event. Now my outlook, feelings, and path in life has changed for the better I’m still in the matterial world, bet feel “connected”.

    That’s my take on this, thanks for reading and Good luck with the number 337 🙂

    Big love


  14. Ok last two nights in a row I wake up at 337. Is this the time the Dad in the book Amityville Horror kept waking up at??? Dude ended up killing his entire family because something evil convinced him to do it! I have no intention of hurting anyone no matter what. I am a child of God and my God says Thou shalt not kill and I am “Amen” and a hallelujah on that one. I turn to the internet to see what is up with this number and find this site full of positive messages. Whew! I was wondering what I had done in my life to invite badness in. Its not badness its goodness I am relieved at all the positive messages concerning this number. Now I am chuffed that something good is going to happen. 🙂 I am going to be on the look out for this number in my life. My wife lost her father in early 1999. His favorite time of day was 1111. Everytime we see this number we say hello PaPa! Even our two kids who see this number and never met their Grandfather say this. Its a nice way to keep him in our lives. Numbers and their meanings in our lives interesting stuff. 315 is Amityville.

  15. Liza says:

    Hi, I too am haunted by this number for years. More recently… Everyday at least five times a day. I have been writing everywhere I see it now to see if it will tell a story or something cause it’s making me nuts!!

  16. Owen Maresh says:

    As far as numinous superstition goes, my gut feeling is that these 37, 337 are *absurdly* lucky numbers.

    But I’m a mathematician. And a mathematics artist.

    my friend and I have taken to laser etching the complete graph on 37 vertices:
    I’ve given three of the acrylic ones as wedding presents/favors, and the one in wood was donated to

    in a little while, I’ll probably see what I can do about the complete graph on 337 vertices.

  17. Blake Lee says:

    My name is Blake Lee, and since my last name is LEE, my dad and I have been slightly obsessed in seeing this number. It started one day as my dad looked at the clock in the middle of the night. It was a digital clock that said “3:37” but he was sideways and noticed upside down, it spells Lee. When we first saw that wine bottle that was 337 we thought someone else had the last name Lee but no one else knew the number like we did. I’ve stayed in 7 or 8 hotel rooms and my dad has stayed in around 10 himself with the number 337. I see license plates everywhere, this week I’ve seen already 4 which is unusually but not totally out of the ordinary. I’ve wondered if this number has had any other significance but I’ve only found “angel numbers” and whatever else.
    I still see it everywhere, miles on my car, ends of totals and even serial numbers on stickers and bar codes.
    Interesting to see someone else with a similar encounter


  18. 337 says:

    Man….let me tell you this number is following me everywhere or Am I? I dont know but since i broke up i noticed this number. Last 3 letters of her phone numbers were 337. Since then in clock, car, price everywhere i am seeing this number. I even tried to find if it means something but no. Now i am sure there are lots of people out there looking for the answer. But while goggling i found this blog and quite sure someone will find an answer. I also found below. In case it might help to just understand that what could it be.

  19. linye' says:

    I been seeing 337 all the time I feel like im finna go to jail because that is my court number ugh im nervous really

  20. Brett says:

    Ok I live on state Route 37, my old address before we moved was 437. My baseball, and football # was 37 in H.S. My grandpa microwave a little while back the seconds was stuck on 37. I look at the clock all the time at 37. I play semi pro football now and my # is 37 I pick 37 all the time now I think and hope it is my lucky #. Also I see tags all the time, and on semis 37. Now there is a car out something I forget G37. It’s crazy it follows me everywhere! Even Roads by my house # 37. Well Im almost off work so I’m going to get off of here I will let you guys know if anything else crazy happens anytime soon with 37!

  21. Kelly says:

    We call it the 337 ghost at our house. Wakes us all up at 337 am. Even the dog. My name is Kelly. Answering machine beeps, coo coo clock goes off at the wrong time.. Strange things happen. Even with time change. The clock says 437, but “it” knows better. Would like to think its a good thing. Thanks

  22. Insight says:

    337 = World WAR is coming….

  23. lee strong says:

    thank god im not the only one on here then, i see 227 everywhere, and my name is lee too

  24. Lee Wallace says:

    I’m a “lee” with the same ol school pager code and everything else. I’m having a “337” tattoo drawn up now. The number is everywhere in my life as well. I’m in Texas, the first night pick 3 lotto ever started here, guess what number? Won me 500 bucks that night. It’s not a curse, it’s a blessing.

  25. Devona says:

    I see the numbers 337, 137, 773 , daily, I won the very first Tn drawing of the pick three with 337. I also see 911my husbands ,B-day regularly, and a won jackpot at a casino with that maximum payout within minutes of sitting down! I see many numbers and believe me, it really freaks me out, yet intrigues me at the same time!!! This has been going on for years and do not know what they mean!!!

  26. Lee Parkin says:

    Ha ha! I get 337 everywhere, waking at this time each night for 2 weeks on the go! Stopping at traffic lights, looking up and being at house number 337. Watts conversion rate on the treadmill, 337. Watching vids on youtube lasting 3:37.

    I thought it was a spiritual relevance, but reading this feed had made me, in a split second, realise that it is a self centred egotistical Lee thing. My name is Lee! Love it.

    • Lee Parkin says:

      Oh yeah and 337 facebook friends!

    • Nathan Kam says:

      Lee…quite the revelation. LOL. I wonder what other number combinations get a lot of attention. Thanks for sharing your story.

      • Leanne says:

        Hello, I stumbled across this site in search of the meaning 337. My 26yr. Old daughter is haunted by this #. She has been noticing it more and more,to the point that she has become very worried that something possibly bad may happen. I’ve told her to stay positive and good will come. I will show her this sight to let her know she not alone and positive things come with seeing 337. Thank you so much for helping put people’s mind at ease.

  27. jz_337 says:

    Go ahead and add one more 337er to the club! I’ve been fixated on the presence of this number in my life for about 7 years now. It was the first three digits of a phone number for a very significant person in my life. Her name was KELLEE.
    I could go on and on about this, but I’d be echoing the same sentiments already shared. Great to know I’m not alone!

  28. Jay says:

    So I stumbled upon your site with searching google. I’ve been trying to find out why I always see 337! I have the same random occurrences as you. Random clock or phone looks, odometer in both my cars( who really looks at that) signs even. The craziest time I see that number is on the conveyor belt weight scale at work. I work in the mining industry and have 11 scales that read instantly and all at the same time. Weights on these belts change every second all day long. I don’t look at these much throughout the day but the random times I do my eye’s go directly to the scale reading 337. It seems to happen more often when something big is about to happen in my life then fade when that drastic moment is over. It’s crazy and trips me out all the time and need to find the true meaning of this. BTW that 337 wine taste pretty good:)

  29. Lee Cook says:

    I wake up for no reason most nights and its 3.37am the number follows me every where, i was wondering if it was just me and found this site. so clearly its not just me

  30. dimitri leighton says:

    hey hey, my name is dimitri leighton, i also see 337 everywhere, its kinda been guiding my life just a lil for a while, ive seen it for years, ive found with me it shows me things i need to take notice of. thanks for posting this up it kinda nice knowin its not just me seein it lol 🙂

  31. Lauren says:

    I’m hauted by the number 11 . It’s seriously so scary . It’s brought me weird luck though like for example in soccer I’ve always been jersey 11 . Anytime I’ve had that number on my back we have had a great season . But one year I had jersey 12 and that season I broke my ankle and we didn’t win a single game . 11 also pops up in just random places like at a dinner place I’ll be out at table 11 or when I grab a handful of something it will be exactly 11 pieces . I dont understand why this number had been haunting me for years but I think it must mean something !!

  32. Lauren says:

    337 has “haunted” my husband for years and now me. It’s kind of funny but when we see it we think is a “sign” that we are doing the right thing. It started when my husband was a kid and continued for the last 20+ years It’s showed up when we got our first bank account together … randomly while we were at the vet with our two Boston terriers we were looking through a book of dog breeds we turned to page 337 and it was the Boston terrier page .. Our house keepers phone number ends in 337… We always look at the clock and it will be the exact time .. The song for our wedding happened to be 3 min 37 sec … I could go on for days but I think it’s a good thing and when we see it it’s almost reassuring 🙂

  33. patricia says:

    Ive been seeing this number since 2004. 337 its everywhere. When I pray about something, often this number comes up usually as a confirmation. I have looked up the numbers Biblically and they are good. 3 is a blessing 7means completion. Im not sure why we are all getting it but Im certain its a good thing universally. I just asked my sister who has a book on numberology and she also says its a number that indicates you are on the right path. Rest assured Im not sure if theres a reason WE together are getting it or if its significance is for each seperately but Im convinced its a very good thing, a confirmation of a path and spirit.

  34. Gabriel says:

    I got you all beat, I too have had 337 following me since I was born. just stated 7 years ago in 2005. when I turned 33. I would get 3′ and 7’s /mainly 337 everywhere. even in my SSN. I have 3 names with seven letters in each name. I was the 3rd born in my Family.

  35. Bryan says:

    I have found my home. I have had this same 337 issue for years.. and years My OLD license late from years ago was GA 337 i didn’t think much of it then. Years later i got a VW GTI 337 edition and since then it has exploded. I see it everywhere. I now have my new plate BM 337. I wish i knew what it all means..

  36. Mat says:

    I’ve been seeing it for at least 7 years now. Good to see i’m not the only one.

  37. Zach says:

    I too have been haunted by the numbers 37 and 337 for about a year now. Since my girlfriend and I broke up I noticed it ( the first three numbers of her phone number were 337 ) and since, whenever I look at the click it’s 3:37. There was construction outside the place I work and the bulldozer was number 337. An odd number I find. There was a moving company next to my restaurant too and the container was number 337. At the end of the night my paperwork always has either 337 or 37 units sold. Some checks end up at 337.37 and it drives me up the wall. If anyone finds the answers to the mystery of 337 please let me know! Thank you

    • Nathan Kam says:

      Zach: Mahalo for sharing your story. We’ll keep after this illusive number and get to the bottom of it’s meaning…and when we do, you can rest assured you’ll see a post about it here. Until then, here’s to more positive sightings. Aloha!

  38. sisterzyra says:

    i thought i was the only person in the world who feels like this, but im haunted with a different number (971).. but in the exact same way, i see it in random places on unexpected times, the clock, cars, tickets, prices, phone numbers and many other things and i think i passed it to my sister lol
    but whenever i see it i feel lucky anyway 😛

    • Nathan says:

      Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoy hearing from others who are experiencing the same thing. If you figure out what’s going on, please let me know. 🙂

  39. Brett says:

    I feel thats my lucky number so I have a gold chain now with the pendant # 37 and all my sports numbers are 37 now if I can get them.

  40. Brett says:

    I feel the same way. The number 37 is always in my life I thought I was going crazy lol. First off in H.S my baseball number was 37 I didn’t think anything about it then. I would always joke to my friends I got this number cause of St. Rt 37 a pretty big hwy that is close to me. Well little did I know I now live on St. Rt. 37. My last address was 437, I look at the clock all the time at 37. The other day I was at my grandparents house and there microwave seconds was stopped at 37. I was driving the other day and seen the 37th memorial HWY, and then seen a road HWY 237. Its crazy seeing that # all the time. The other night the electric went out and sure enough i looked at the clock it was flashing 3:37! Crazy!

    • Nathan says:

      Brett, thanks for sharing your story. Guess I’m definitely not alone. Hope it continues to bring you good luck. Aloha!

      • Brett says:

        Thanks a lot Nathan, same to you! The other day I was driving and seen a car that said 37 on it. Then I was at my moms work everyone was gone I was sitting at her bosses desk and his mouse pad had a race car of course # 37 lol. Hopefully we will all have some luck sometime soon!

  41. Allison says:

    I found your blog while researching the meaning of 337 because its been following me everywhere too… Aside from the death of Constantinople, I don’t know what it could mean (aside from the area code of Lake Charles)

  42. N. David Henson says:

    I’ve had the same experience since I was about 13, almost 30 years ago. The number 337 does seem to turn up with an alarming degree of frequency, in seemingly meaningful places and/or serendipitous times.

    But of course it’s just confirmation bias. Once the mind is predisposed to seeing a certain pattern, it seizes on that pattern whenever and wherever it perceives it, and attaches meaning to the pattern to the exclusion of other randomly occurring patterns.

  43. Dina Osman says:

    I am totally haunted by the number 337 since I’ve been 14, I am 22 now. I have absolutely no idea what it represents, I tried to do some research online until I came across this which is very creepy I see it everywhere on my phone, on my computer’s screen, on the street. Sometimes I even wake up at night and when I check the stove’s clock it is 337.

    I wish I could look at it like you do, like the my future salary or something. I’d like to think it might be the day or time I will achieve great things in this world or on a deeper note will be the day/time I will die.

    My mother told me that I was born sometime PM close to 4, maybe I was born at 3:37 PM and that’s how it is relevant.

    Nevertheless, this number will keep me curious till the end which is kind of interesting:)

  44. Ben says:

    Well it WAS 3:37 AM…now its 3:38…Obvious time zone difference between me and this site…Anybody else get a spine chilling feeling when they see it?
    I once had a girlfriend who cheated on me with a guy named Lee…I actually started seeing it when I was with her. Connection? There has been days I would go 10+ times seeing it.

  45. Ben says:

    I don’t think you guys are exaggerating at all. I found this number to be everywhere also. I looked at my data usage on my laptop when I booted up today….0.337 GB. Times, Scores, ITS 3;37 RIGHT NOW! omfg I DIDNT EVEN KNOW! I just looked!

  46. Vassilopoulos Evangelos says:

    today i decided to search for this number. 337. i also see it everywhere, anytime i see a digital watch, on tv, on scripts and it all started since i was 7 and my father was a pilot in 337 squadron in greek air force. i am from greece born in 27-08-1981 and i still see this number all the time in front of me! contact me in facebook Vassilopoulos Evangelos or in

  47. Hazel says:

    I have been hunted by 337.. I typed 337 lucky number on google and saw your comments. I was so happy to hear I am not alone. Since I was a kid ( 20 + years ago) this nubers have been in my life. My elementary school number was 337 and followed by everything I have done in my life. Last year I saw the 337 Wine at the grocery store and even contacted with the vineyard owner to get information how they came up with this title. Well, it is just the grape’s row number :).Nope- nothing special :). The experiences you shared, I experienced them ALL (and more).I was thinking there was something special about this number but nothing miracle has happend yet. I think it might be just nothing, but I am hoping for some positive outcome after all :). Thank you and good luck with this number.

    • Nathan says:

      Aloha Hazel,

      I always enjoy reading the stories of other who are followed by this number. It’s kind of fun and it’s turned into a game for me, my family and friends. BTW, that 337 wine is very nice…had a bottle of it last week and it was delicious. I’m still waiting for the number to bring me some luck. When it does, you’ll read all about it here first.


  48. Vishtia says:

    My husband has been followed around by the number 337 since 1984 or so. Everywhere he goes, he says he has seen this number. A comic book started it (Thor #337). Since then he’s seen it on license plates, on clocks, on clocks in -movies-, books, wine bottles, accounting documents, and in numerous other places. Now he’s sort of passed it on to me, and we both play the ‘337 game’ and point the number out whenever we randomly see it. We don’t see it as a curse, but just fun.

    • Nathan says:

      Vishtia, thanks for stopping by to share your story. Love it. It’s definitely more of a game than anything for me, my family, and friends. It seems to be rubbing off on more and more people…they are seeing it more frequently too. Aloha!!

  49. Paul says:

    Oh wierd I thought it was just me…It started with a friend at school called lee then… its everywhere I’m 51 and its still going on…

  50. Jose Luis says:

    I have been haunted by the 337 too, since I bought my 2002 Volkswagen GTI special edition “337”……. I see 337 everywhere, and did’t take any importance until I gave the car to my bro and I got an Evo IX… since then I am being spammed hard by 337 everywhere….

  51. carel says:

    amazing .i stay in africa .my boat number is ib reg numer on my ldv is 337.your conveyor at work got 337 idlers

  52. Erika says:

    Ok, its nice to know there are others out there, my husband for years has been seeing this number, he sees at least once everyday since he was a kid he is know 34. I told him he has just programmed himself to be sensitive to that number combination, but its not a very common number combination to begin with, we would love to know what it means if anything. It is so crazy it drives him nuts at times, he feels if a day goes by and he doesn’t see it that might be his last day. Crazy huh!! if you guys get any hit on what this could mean let us know.

    • Nathan says:

      Yes, there’s definitely a bunch of us out there. It’s amazing how often this number crosses paths with our life…at the store getting rung up for $33.77…pick up a tray of hamburger that’s $3.37/lb…glace at the clock and it’s 3:37…get cut off by a car and the license plate is XYZ 337…go figure! Let’s stay in touch regarding this one. More sightings here on my blog dedicated to the number:

  53. mudita says:

    hi…..i also this number almost everywhere…i told my husband about the number…he searched it on the web and found tht this number is an angels number….so i guess all of us are blessed…lol…dont know wht it is but has to be something….

  54. Sandy says:

    Oooh, creepy and 337, 3+3+7 = 13 = 1 + 3= 4, which is not a good number in Chinese thinking. Our number is 5353, which spells Keld on the phone. This property I had my eye on was finally sold and I was all bummed out. Then I found out the number of it was 5353 Kalanianaole Hwy! I felt that that property was meant to be. But now they built a humongous house on it so we won’t be able to afford it in this lifetime!

  55. Chris says:

    wow there are others haunted by the same number? I see 337 a LOT and have been for a long time now. mainly by the ways you guys are saying, like by license plate or a clock(this is how it started for me). I cannot even try to remember all of the crazy situations where i will see it. My most recent crazy sighting was when i was writing a paper and i finished, sat back, checked the word count (the paper needed to be between 3-500)… take a wild guess. 337 words! I felt weird turning it in but I ended up with a B on the paper. 337 has never brought me good things or bad… Have you guys been blessed or cursed by 337? THERE MUST BE SIGNIFICANCE!!

  56. jennifer says:

    While i am not haunted by 337 i definitely am haunted by a different number, 42. It’s everywhere and after telling many of my friends they have come to believe me that it is entirely too weird. A prime, of many, occured today while shopping for a coffee table and when i found the perfect one decided to check the dimensions to make sure it would fit and of course, it was 42 inches by 42 inches. Of all the coffee tables in that entire store…that one is the one I wanted. Like your stories, I could go on and on and on with my crazy little incidents. Flight #42 (was quite nervous about that one), 42 people RSVPing yes to a party of mine, Handed tickets in the deli line “#42”, Asking kids to guess how many candies are in a jar and the first kid saying “hmmmm 42.” CRAZY and the list goes on AND ON AND ON! Even in the book Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy, the book supposedly ends with a computer spitting out the answer to life and the universe and everything, and its answer is simply “42” and then the book ends. I too feel there is some deeper meaning as it is way too weird and too often to be a coincidence.

  57. Joe C says:

    I thought I was just insane about the number until i read this.

  58. OMG! I am TOTALLY buggin! I can’t believe this. I SEE 337 EVERYWHERE. I am totally and completly….I don’t know, gasping for air!? For years I’ve told my friends that I see this number EVERYWHERE ALL The time!! All.The.Time. Their only response is to play it in Pick 3 Lotto. But it clearly has more significance. Why does that wine have that name? Maybe they know something. I too was haunted by the number to the point that I had to Google it!!! To find that there are OTHER PEOPLE seeing the SAME Number everywhere all the time for years is BANANANANANAAASS!! I don’t know what to do about this. I might start a group lol. Glad I’m not alone in this…wait or am I? I’m going start blogging about it too now on my website now that I know. Mr Kam do you mind if I put your blog address on my blog site?

    • Nathan says:

      SunshineBuilder: You are absolutely more than welcome to link to by blog from yours. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t see the number. In fact, this morning when I as driving to work, a BMW cut in front of me on the free way with a license plate that included the numbers 337. There’s got to be a deeper meaning to this. Did you see my other blog:

      Perhaps we should start the 337 Blog Network? 🙂 Keep in touch as we figure out what this madness is all about.


  59. incognito says:

    Wow! This is so crazy. This number has followed me too for at least the past 10years. It all started when I was at the store one day (I was a teenager), and I literally heard my house phone ring… (From the store). I thought I was trippin but said for kicks I’d look at the time and check my caller I’d when I got back. The time was 3:37. When I got home I found out a friend had called me at 3:37 exactly.

    I was in totally disbelief. But I couldn’t find any significance, I just thought I had discovered some super power. As time went on, I started to see the number every where just like u guys.

    I googled this number just now and found this site and had to leave a comment. What are the odds of the same exact number having the same exact effect on others???? I’m in awe.

    • Nathan says:

      incognito: I’m not sure what the number means, but I’ve shifted my thinking that it’s a number that “haunts” us to it being some kind of “good luck” number. I’ve been followed by this number since 1995. Please keep in touch and we’ll unfold what the true meaning is together with the rest of the folks that have posted here. 🙂

  60. Renee says:

    I too am haunted by the number 337… its totally crazy but I was on the internet wondering why I always see this number because I randomly looked at the time & to my surprise (or not) its 3:37pm. This was my locker number in high school and in my sophomore year there was a sign put up down the road that was orange with only three numbers on it in bold black numbers… 337. I see it everywhere… & my husband brought home that wine and I stared at it in disbelief… wtf?!? Why does it follow us?

    can’t believe I found this website,

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Renee…that’s awesome! 😉 There must be something magical about that number. Some have told me it mean’s I’m going to the gates of hell…others have said it’s good luck numbers. I’ll take the latter…LOL! Why does it follow us? Only time will tell. If you find out, let me know. I’ll do the same. 😉 BTW, did you see this:

  61. robert owen says:

    Hey me too. 337 is a very lucky number. I’ve looked into the what diffrent numeralogist think of this number and it’s all really crazy posotive stuff. Though my favorite is in kabalistic numeralogy one of it’s meanings is the ruler of earth, also a place of asking. It’s been my lucky number for years.

  62. Nathan says:

    Harley, scary thing isn’t it? 😉 Glad to hear the numbers 3 and 7 are powerful…hopefully in a good way. BTW, for extra kicks:

    My other blog site devoted to the number itself. Aloha!

  63. harley says:

    i see it all the time. my girlfriend thinks i’m crazy. i only found this site because i looked at the clock to see 3:37, once again. heh..

    the numbers 3 and 7 are powerful in numerology.

    maybe we’re on the right path. 😉

  64. […] the fact that it’s been following me (or haunting me) since my days in college. I’ve shared the story about 337 in a post on this blog about how it all started and have gotten some interesting feed back about what the number could […]

  65. derek says:

    That’s actually really weird because I’ve been experiencing the same thing. My freshman room number was 337 and ever since then it’s been following me around. I don’t really like to think of it as a bad thing, it’s just highly peculiar.

    At least once or twice a week at work the number will pop up on a receipt or a checkout sheet.

    Very frequently I’ll check the time and it will be 3:37.

    It pops up a lot online too. I’ll make a facebook comment or something and the time will be 3:37. This has happened several times.

    I also have 337 pictures on my facebook right now.

    I just got my photo locker and the number was 346. I was relieved because if it was 337 it would really creep me out. But then when I went to open it for the first time, there was 337 right beside it, as if taunting me. (the lockers are arranged in vertical rows).

    Somehow this number has significance. I don’t know what but I’m pretty convinced it means something. Or it may just be that I’ve become so hypersensitive to seeing it around. But really, what’s the chance of landing on 337 as opposed to any other number? Pretty slim.

    and very peculiar.

  66. golfnutn8 says:

    It’s crazy all the places I see this number. Not only me, but my wife too. It’s a fun little game we play, but gotta wonder what it all means.

  67. Dote says:

    That’s a cool story, at least 337 seems pretty innocuous, not like, being haunted by 666 or something =) I wonder if you’re now over-sensitized to that numeric combination, kinda like how I always notice the number 14 (my bday), etc … the dorm room thing is funny, what a coincidence!

    • LEE says:

      I’m not sure why but 337 has me anxious too. Yeah my name’s Lee but everytime i look at the clock; one time I was playin’ a computer game and T.V. was on, and the cable and internet went out at exactly 3:37. It was crazy, I almost pee’d myself. lol I was watching a movie and the girls locker number was 337. I keep thinking it’s some kinda warning for something but I’m not sure. Hopefully we’ll find out one day.

      • Nathan says:

        That’s awesome Lee. We’ll get to the bottom of these sightings one of these days. Until then…

      • Lee says:

        OMG! Exactly the same with me, 3:37am & 3.37pm I always stare at the clock! Number plates, Lottery Lucky Dips with numbers like 3, 33, 37, 7, on one line, mobile number has 337 in it, upside down it is my name, im telling you i see 337 everyday i even told my mates and like when i see it on a advert or something.. proper freaks me out!

    • David says:

      This is wild. I too constantly keep seeing the number 337. Same with the clock/random time thing. For me the number started while collecting WW2 German rifles. There were many different manufacturers but my favorite was made by bSw from 1937-39, when the firm changed owners and the code applied to the rifle was , I’m sure you guessed it, 337… right on top of the receiver in big numbers. At the time it meant nothing until I was slammed with the constant sighting of the number everywhere I went. I work in the butcher shop at a local grocery store and am always seeing the prices of things I make come up to 337. The number on the post office van/jeep thing I passed by had 337. I was on my lunch break, grabbed a 2 liter coke, a can of Delmonte peaches and two of those Ramen noodle cup soups and the total came to $3.37. I too hope it eventually will have some good meaning, but for now it just baffles me the amount of times the number appears in daily life and doings.

    • Lewis says:

      i searched for “i’m haunted by the number 42” i found people haunted by the numbers 337.

      ((3+3) *7) = 42 there must be some patern to do with nature, what it means is anyones guess.

      142, 666, 6, 12. they all keep springing up. is it just obsession or something else?

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