Post Independence Day Photos!

Posted: July 5, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends

It’s become a Kam family tradition to spend Fourth of July in Kailua at Kelly’s parent’s house. Not only do they have an awesome backyard with a pool to BBQ, but Kel’s dad was born on Independence Day! So we get to celebrate two major events in one day. Everyone had a blast swimming, eating, drinking, and watching the Kailua fireworks show (despite all the pauses in between) with family and friends. But for some strange reason, we failed to take any photos so I don’t have any to post. Not sure how that happened…

So I figured the next best thing would be to post a couple photos of Ensen the day after. Despite a long night in Kailua, the little guy was all smiles as he woke up this morning. No hangover! These were just taken about 30 minutes ago.


  1. golfnutn8 says:

    Hi Amy, I saw you Twitter comment about the barge being “on fire.” I didn’t know whether to take that literally or not. Those photos are crazy. I’m off to play golf so it’s a good long weekend. 🙂 Hope the same for you.

  2. hiloprgal says:

    Hey Nate. Kailua’s fireworks were first delayed because of a boat in the area, then because the barge was on fire! I was watching from the beach, it was awesome. Check out my mobile uploads on Facebook and you can see one of the shots I got. Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend…

  3. golfnutn8 says:

    Hi Pomai. Thanks for stopping by. Not sure why the delays occurred in Kailua’s fireworks show, but it stopped and started about three times. We were watching from my in-law’s house in Enchanted Lake when the first top occurred. Everyone was in disbelief, went back to BBQing, then someone screamed “it’s back on!” It happened a couple more times. Nice fireworks, just wish it was uninterrupted.

    Sounds like all the other shows around the island went off without any problem. Happy Fourth to you and love reading your blog.

  4. pomai says:

    Oh, I thought you were requesting us to post our own independence day photos.

    I see. You’re saying “post-independence day photos”. lol

    Nice pics of Ensen. He looks like one Kolohe buggah.

    Pauses in between at the Kailua fireworks display? How come? The Hawaii Kai display went off without a hitch. I thought the barge was going to be towed into the middle of Maunalua Bay, but for some reason (probably the cost of fuel to tow it out farther lol), it was situated closer to shore on the Portlock side of the bay, near the Henry J. Kaiser estate.

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