Big Brother 10 Invades Our Privacy Tonight

Posted: July 13, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Random Raves & Rants
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As the Kam family anxiously awaits the premier of Big Brother 10 tonight on CBS, it’s apparent that plenty has already taken place in the BB household according to various blogs like Big Brother Blog and Big Brother Addicts. Living in Hawaii, we’re used to being “spoiled” because of the time difference, so we need to be careful what we search for out there, although it’s still fun watching the show even if the outcome is known.

In looking at the cast of characters this year, it’s an interesting mix as always and should make for interesting TV. I’m tapping my psychic powers and picking 29-year-old Angie (pictured to the right) to win it all, not just because she’s easy on the eyes, but because she’s Korean like me and was the Guinness-chugging champion for women at Irish Kevin’s bar in Key West (according to her bio on the CBS BB site).

If anyone wants to challenge my prediction, I’m always up for a little friendly wager competition. With that, let the backstabbing, backdooring, confrontations, and alliance forming begin!


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