Cats and Kids CAN Peacefully Co-Exist

Posted: August 9, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Ensen & Avery, Family & Friends, Jabbey & Tikki
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My how far our cat Jabbey has come! He and Ensen have become very good pals as of late and love to play together. It’s not uncommon to find Jabbey cuddling with Ensen in bed or for Ensen to be chasing Jabbey around the house. Both have found a friend for life.

I wish the same could be said for our girl cat Tikki. She still hasn’t quite gotten used to Ensen and prefers to hide from him in the “cat tree.” Ensen loves her too and tries everyday to befriend her, but she’s not having it quite yet. I think it’s only a matter of time. She’ll come around once she figures out Ensen will provide all the petting she constantly demands.

It’s great to have pets in our house hold. Afterall, there were our original “babies” before Ensen’s arrival. They still are and we can’t imagine Kam family life without them.



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