Guitar Hero Metallica Would Be A Hit

Posted: August 20, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Random Raves & Rants
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Up to this point, only my family and closest friends know I have a “heavy metal” devil inside to me. You should have seen me in high school jamming in our rock band named “Insomnia.” Before that, it was a group called “Stillborn.” But I digress. Maybe one day I’ll post those dreadful photos…then again…maybe not.

But in all seriousness, I still love listening to heavy metal and Metallica will forever remain my favorite metal band of all time. Period! Which is why I’m officially lobbying for a Guitar Hero Metallica edition to be launched in conjunction with their new album Death Magnetic on September 12. I can hardly wait! Hell, afterall they have Guitar Hero Aerosmith. So why not Metallica? Please…..

I’m not shame to admit that I still prefer their old school speed metal sound from albums like Kill ‘Em All, Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, Garage Days, And Justice for All, and the Black Album. But from what I’ve heard so far following the creation of the Death Magnetic album on YouTube, I’ve got to say I like what I’m hearing. Fast and heavy riffs with unreal solos from the man himself, Kirk Hammett.

Any other Metallica fans out there like me who can’t wait for the new album to be released? I’d love to hear from you. Hopefully the group hits Hawaii on their next concert tour. I was too chicken to see them the last time they were in Hawaii over a decade ago. I won’t make the same mistake this time around.


  1. tino says:

    twittered about this a few days ago. guess ur not a real follower? 😛

    along with the store release, their new album will be available as downloadable tracks for Guitar Hero 3 (xbox/ps3).

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