After finding this Metallica video on YouTube of the guys rocking a venue in the UK and playing “The Day That Never Comes” off their upcoming album, I really hope they will consider adding Hawaii to their Death Magnetic concert tour. Afterall, Kirk Hammett’s wife is from Waimanalo so there’s already a reason to come here. Okay, maybe I’m reaching.

But seriously, c’mon Kirk, James, Lars, and Robert…show Hawaii what you’ve got! When the mainland starts to get too cold, just remember it will be 80 degrees here in the Islands. Yes, even during the winter. Aloha Stadium has your name on it.


  1. GH3 says:

    Dude I totally support you, I live in Hawaii and Metallica is my favorite band I want to see them in concert so bad.

  2. golfnutn8 says:

    businessgolf: I’m all for a Led Zeppelin Tour too my friend! I often miss my younger rocker days when I played in a cover band around the Big Island. Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix…the good ‘ol days!

  3. businessgolf says:

    I would rather have a Led Zeppelin Tour on Pay-for-View…

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