Big Island Vacation – Final Day

Posted: September 11, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends, Hawaii, the Big Island, Hawaii, the Big Island, Hawaiian Islands, Travel
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Our final day on the Big Island was a leisurely one spent mostly cruising around Kailua-Kona town looking for omiyage (gifts) to take back to family and friends on Oahu. From the photo above, it’s obvious we were successful. KTA Superstore is a great place to load up on “made on the Big Island” goodies and we pumped every last dollar we had into deep sea salt, cookies, brittle, manju, sweetbread, chocolate covered mochi crunch, and a cool fish scaler (that stick with the bottle caps in the front).

But once we returned home from our shopping adventure, it was pure quality time with Kona Grandpa and Grandma. We found some old Fisher Price toys in my sisters closet that Ensen enjoyed playing with. Talk about quality, these toys are just like I remember them over two decades ago.

Even though it was getting late and we had to get ready for our late night flight, Ensen and Kona Grandpa were having too much fun playing in the box to stop now. But as you can see in the photo below, they had so much fun, the little fella actually fell asleep in the box while being carried around. Adorable!

But as Ensen slept, it enabled us to pack up at the last minute, including the 15 Kulana brand blood pork sausages Kelly’s dad requested. We whiped out KTA’s supply. Shhhhhhh!

So that’s what our family does when we visit the Big Island. Pretty chill all the way around. It was just good to get away, relax, and recharge the batteries. And of course, spend time with the family. Can’t wait to do it again, hopefully soon.


  1. Melissa says:

    The hard hat photo is another one for the wedding slide show!

    (Sorry, it’s habit. Whenever I put photos together for our ukulele contest winners, I tell their moms which ones will be good for the wedding slide show.)

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