Is Metallica’s New Album Too Loud?

Posted: October 9, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Random Raves & Rants
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I started hearing about some controversy a couple weeks ago following the launch of Metallica’s new album Death Magnetic that the sound quality of the album was severely deficient.  Not being a music expert by any stretch of the imagination, I didn’t really think there was any problem with the album. It sounds good to me.

But many experts and fans out there feel Metallica made a huge mistake in turning up the volume on its latest release which compromised the sound quality of the album. This Rolling Stone article breaks down the controversy.

To further help understand the situation in terms I could relate to, my brother-in-law (and fellow Metallica die hard) shared the following YouTube videos with me. After watching and hearing the comparisons between the CD vs. Guitar Hero versions of the album, there IS clearly a huge difference. See for yourself.

Let the critics say what they may, but to the average fan like me, the album is just fine. Is still think it’s one of Metallica’s better works to come out since the Black Album and a little quality control issue isn’t going to stop me from listening.


  1. golfnutn8 says:

    Dote…I guess it helps that I don’t really have a good quality stereo to listen on. 🙂 Think there’s an outside chance a re-release may come out? Guitar Hero version is pretty sweet.

  2. Dote says:

    I love the new album and didn’t notice the distortion in either my car or ipod at the gym. Then, when listening to it on better speakers it sounded HORRIBLE … I mean, bad enough to not want to listen to. I’m no audiophile, heck, I’ve had hearing loss since I was a kid (because of Metallica and other head banging I did in elementary school, how ironic no?) … but even a half deaf non-audiophile can hear the distortion on good speakers. So I’m kinda torn on this issue. I still like the album but I wish there was a cleaner version I could listen to … sigh.

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