Pumpkins Everywhere!

Posted: October 28, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends, Hawaiian Islands, Oahu
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The family paid a visit to Aloun Farms and its pumpkin patch this Sunday just in time for Halloween. We braved the rain and mud to see what all the hype was about and I’m glad we did. Literally thousands of pumpkins big and small everywhere. One of the best family activities we’ve done in a while…and cheap. Check out the video to see all the fun.


  1. Gale says:

    Hey Nate, great job on the video! It looked like a lot of fun! We’ll definitely take Abby next year. Have a Happy Halloween!

  2. Kona Grandma says:

    OMG! It sure looks like my “little pumpkin” had a great time. I love hearing his laughter as he ran through the pumpkin patch. Ensen is such a gamer and so comfortable with animals. What a brave little guy. He looks so cute riding the horse.

  3. Tino says:

    its the “Kam Cam!” hehe (yes, u can start sending the royalty checks now for that gem). Nice job, dude. Looks like you guys had a better time than we did this year. Oren was definitely a ghoul during her trip out there.

  4. Dawn Miller says:

    Hi Kam Family!

    What a cute video…and riding the pony was just precious. Your little one looks like a natural in the saddle.

    My best,

    Dawn Miller – Macy’s Inc.

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