Jon and Kate Plus 8 Head to Maui

Posted: November 2, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Hawaiian Islands, Maui, On The Job
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Do you see what that headline in the top right of this screenshot says? Hawaii, here we come! Being huge fans of this show, Kelly and I can’t wait to see what the Gosselins did on their Hawaiian vacation.

If you haven’t already heard, Jon & Kate Plus 8 visited Maui and The Grand Wailea earlier this year for a little family vacation and to renew their wedding vows. The Maui episodes air November 10 and 17 (see information below from the TLC website and check your local listings for times), the next episode will show them leaving for Hawaii with stopover in San Diego. As Kate said in the show last week, this was to get the family acclimated to the different time zones in stages. Smart move.

It was actually one of the harder productions to keep “hush hush” about due to the show’s popularity among many of our family, friends, and colleagues. But per our firm’s agreement in working with the producers, we kept our mouths shut for confidentiality and safety reasons. Apparently, there are some crazed fans out that take things a bit too far.

So what did they do while they were on The Valley Isle? I’m not going to say anything but they had the kind of vacation on Maui every family dreams of. And I also hear the wedding vow renewal ceremony was beautiful. Although I will say my colleague Rhegan was actually there for part of the production, had the chance to meet and talk with Jon, Kate, and the rest of the family, and might tell you more if you hit her up on Twitter. 😉

BTW, if this family can travel to Hawaii for a family vacation, no excuses why any other family out there can’t. With eight kids, I can only imagine what kind of nightmare challenge that is. Go Gosselins!


  1. MissAmerica says:

    Hey, for some undescribed reason, this family resonates with the public. Wow. If Jon talked to Kate the way she does him, we would tell her to get out of such an abusive releationship. Her behavior also has tremendous influence on the kids. It tells them, do not be patient, I’m here for ME, not for you, and you can hit & demean people you claim to love. And, fans continue to support so blithley ingnorant of the totality of reality. We say, “only in America, and do you really need to wonder the reason our society is crumbling.

  2. Kona Grandma says:

    Hey Nath, believe it or not, you’re distantly related to Jon Gosselin. According to Aunty Carolyn, he’s a Lyum. His grandfather was Uncle Henry’s oldest brother. Some of the Lyum family were invited to the “all expense paid” weekend at the Grand Wailea to attend the wedding. Heard it was pretty awesome. Many of the guest had not seen him in 20 years because he grew up on the mainland. I, personally, would find it unusual if you knew all of your relatives. Well…maybe if you lived in Hicktown, USA.
    I think Zoe needs to chill out and turn the station to Deal or No Deal. Now that’s a show that exemplifies greed.

  3. Zoe says:

    Wow. I can’t believe how gullible some people are. Did it not strike you as odd that the only people in Jon & Kate’s family who were at their “wedding” were people that hadn’t seen them in like 20 years and that they obviously weren’t close to and barely knew? Jon & Kate not only get everything for free, but they are now millionaires, and I’m sure the show and airlines easily would have given their immediate family a free trip and in the highly unlikely event that they wouldn’t, Jon & Kate easily could have paid for it themselves. The fact that they didn’t should confirm to everyone that there is something seriously wrong here. What couple that has 8 small children has no support from their family? Ever notice that the few family members they did have that actually helped have now mysteriously disappeared off the show? NOT a coincidence. These people have managed to alienate and destroy their own family relationships by prioritizing fame and greed, and their children are suffering for it being denied the company of their family. The psychological well-being of these children is being auctioned off to the highest bidder, and it’s clearly already showing (in Maddy at least, in a BIG way) that these kids are going to need therapy ASAP (like, right now, Maddy). These people get paid a rediculous amount of money for their children, the least they can do is get Maddy a therapist immediately. This child has more than an attitude problem, it’s a serious indication of mal-adjustment and a glimpse at what’s to come. Also, they need to stop acting poor so they can keep getting freebies. Nobody’s buying it. When your family eats completely organic, your grocery bill is multiplied by four (on top of what it already is), not to mention they have maid service and a personal organic chef when the cameras aren’t rolling. PLEASE. The hypocrisy is astounding. I beg you. Jon, Kate, prioritize your kids. You’ve done enough filming, you’ve earned enough money, kick the cameras out of your homes and lives and start acting like a real family.

  4. Jaime says:

    I love that show too! That was my favorite episode! I LOVE Aaden!

  5. Nathan says:

    Hi Erin!!! Kelly is a huge fan of the show too and the first Maui episode turned out fabulous. You would be proud of your home town. 🙂 Next week they renew their wedding vows. Can’t wait. Hope you folks are well. If I find the shows online, I’ll let you know.

  6. fancastfan says:

    Hi, we are fans of Jon and Kate Plus 8 at Fancast too and I thought your readers might like to know that if they want to catch up on some classic episodes, or just see what all the fuss is about if they have never seen it before, has put up some special episodes, all totally free of course – we have 6 shows (5 are the most popular shows throughout the seasons and 1 is from the current season where Jon and Kate renew their wedding vows). The episodes are at
    Jim (for Fancast)

  7. Erin says:

    I LOVE Jon & Kate Plus 8 …. can’t wait to see the Hawaii episode! Although, I think we might be a season behind in Singapore. Drats … I’ll have someone in Hawaii tivo it for me.

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