For the past 25 years, our firm has celebrated an annual holiday tradition called the Yule Store. Employees, vendors, clients, and a number of others donate items to our silent auction with all of the proceeds raised going to a local charitable organization. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and a wonderful opportunity for everyone at Anthology Marketing Group to rally together to support a common cause.

Which brings me to the subject of my post today. The benefiting charity is selected by an internal agency voting process based on employee nominations. Since the Twitter community as been so helpful to me, I decided to post the following “tweet” yesterday seeking help with nominations:

Pondering what Hawaii charity to nominate for our company’s annual Yule Store holiday fundraiser. All proceeds go to them. Suggestions?

I immediately got some good responses in my Twitter stream:

Melissa808 @NathanKam My charity of choice is the Domestic Violence Clearinghouse. No personal experience, thank God, but my gramma would agree…!

Andy_Bumatai @NathanKam Hawaii Meals on Wheels. Feeding the homebound and donations are WAY down. I’m on the advisory board.

dote Icon_red_lock @NathanKam There’s this great non-profit that just formed, its called the Dote-Porsche-Fund project… I hear they’re at $0 raised so far =) Seriously tho — what about the food bank?

kyeung808 @nathankam when in doubt…Susan G Komen Breast Cancer foundation.

rhak @NathanKam Allow me to suggest Soldier’s Angels http://www.soldiersangels.org/

While I’m leaning towards the “Dote Porsche Fund Project” – NOT – I think all of the suggestions are deserving and worth-while causes.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m turning to followers of this blog and my network on Twitter to help me make my decision.

I need to turn in my selection by Friday, November 7, so this gives you two days to vote and help me select a charity. Use the PollDaddy.com poll on the right to make your selection or leave a comment. You have until Friday at 8 a.m. to cast your vote. Tell your friends to support your cause. The organization with the most votes gets my endorsement into the company pool.

Being relatively new parents with a 16-month-old son and growing up with loving and supportive families, we’re also adding Child & Family Service as one of the nominations to the list. They’ve been doing some great work in the community here and I support their mission of “strengthening families and fostering the healthy development of children.”

Thanks for your help.


For more information about these organizations, please visit their websites:

  1. Nathan says:

    Amy: If Domestic Violence Action Center wins in my poll, I’ll go with the second highest vote getter.

    Barbara: Thanks for voting. Looks like DVAC is a guarantee nomination. I may have to go with No. 2.

  2. I vote for the Domestic Violence Action Center…saving lives every day! Mahalo, bg

  3. Amy says:

    BTW – Domestic Violence Clearinghouse is now known as the Domestic Violence Action Center. It’s a great organization and I submitted it for consideration too! Make sure Karen knows it’s the same if it wins. =D Good idea, Nate!!

  4. Nathan says:

    Dote: I figure the Porsche fund is a separate project we can work on on the side. 🙂 Thanks for voting.

  5. Dote says:

    The one issue with anonymous voting is, if you’re the first to vote then its rather painfully obvious what you voted for =) he he he. There was no place to write-in, since the Porsche fund somehow didn’t make the poll…

  6. Dote says:

    Hey wait a minute!!! What do you mean “NOT” =) I’ll go vote now …

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