Time Lapse: Haleakala sunrise on Maui

Posted: February 3, 2009 by Nathan Kam in Adventure, Family & Friends, Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Maui, Travel
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The Kam family freezing our "you know what" off atop Haleakala.

The Kam family finally had the opportunity to experience sunrise atop Haleakala – The House of the Rising Sun – and boy was it incredible. Despite the freezing cold temperatures that dipped down into the 30s, it was worth every second being there to see the amazing crater go from complete darkness to daylight. I used my Canon SD750 camera’s time lapse feature to capture the moment. It’s not the greatest quality, but you get the idea.

I thought I’d also share this video created by the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau which beautifully captures the magic of Haleakala:

If you have the chance to visit Maui, I highly recommend a trip to Haleakala’s summit (10,000 feet above sea level) for sunrise (or sunset). Besides the unbelievable scenery, the photos you’ll take of yourself (and the family) all bundled up are sure to be lasting memories. 🙂

Kelly's brother Jon and his girlfriend Sarah.

Kelly's brother Jon and his girlfriend Sarah.

Kelly's mom Lynn (Maui Grandma) and Sarah.

Kelly's mom Lynn (Maui Grandma) and Sarah.


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  1. Thanks for putting together such a great video. I might have to start looking for a time lapse feature the next time I buy a camera.

  2. Treok Galaxy Walker says:

    Thanks so much for bringing back the rush of being there…My most amazing sunrise Ever…

  3. Tino says:

    AWESOME time lapse! Should try that with Ensen! hehe.

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