Try opening a beer bottle like this

Posted: February 6, 2009 by Nathan Kam in Eating and Drinking, Family & Friends
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It’s no secret that Kelly’s brother Jon is a strong guy. We showed you that in a previous post of him in a body building contest. So we thought we’d put his strength to the test during our recent family vacation to Maui. The challenge? Open a beer bottle with his bare hands. Watch the video above to see the result. 😉

DISCLAIMER: What you have witnessed is real. That was Jon’s two thumbs prying the bottle cap off a really big beer…a Sam Adam’s Chocolate Stout to be exact. Could we have rigged this by opening the bottle first then placing the cap back on top? Most likely. So this video should not be taken seriously at all? Absolutely! However, we imagine it’s probably possible and if done honestly, may resemble something like what we’ve created above. Mahalo!

Okay, I’m done being silly. Have a great weekend.


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