Ain’t no party like a Willie K. party!

Posted: March 6, 2009 by Nathan Kam in California, On The Job, Travel
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Willie K. in his element on stage at HVCB's "Hawaii: A Thousand Reasons to Smile" reception at The Fairmont San Francisco.

I’ve been a Willie K. fan for a long time. Ever since my Uncle Dickie made a dub of his album with that “Kachi Kachi Music Makawao” song on it a long time ago. Hanabata days kine long time ago. You know which one I’m talking about.

If you’ve seen him perform live, it’s sometimes difficult to explain Uncle Willie’s style of music. Yes, it’s Hawaiian. But it’s also a little bit rock ‘n roll, blues, opera (yes, I said opera), and sometimes Asian in sound. The man is a true entertainer and musician in every sense of both words. I’m not sure there isn’t anything he can’t do with a guitar in his hand. Some call him a guitar virtuoso and I agree. He’s also got a vocal range like no other. Willie K. is just an awesome performer. PERIOD!

So you can probably imagine how excited I was when he accepted our invitation to perform at the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau’s “Hawaii: A Thousand Reasons to Smile” reception at The Fairmont San Francisco last week. He put on a show only Willie K. could. He kept the crowd engaged, dancing, and chanting “hana hou” for more. Simply put, he rocked the house (or Venetian Room if you want to be specific).

I couldn’t resist busting out my Flip Mino early in the night and capturing some of his performance. In the video below, Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann gives Willie a rousing introduction before he takes the stage.

During the night, Willie also showed that he can hold his own when it comes to opera!

And finally, this is an oldie, but goodie. HVCB produced this video last year featuring Willie talking about his love of Hawaii and his beloved Lahaina Town.

So, now you know who one of my all-time favorite Hawaii entertainers is. Willie K. is amazing! But enough about me and my favorites. Who is your favorite Hawaii/Hawaiian entertainer?


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