Korea through the lense of my father

Posted: May 24, 2009 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends, Korea, Travel
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Korea - DMZ 007

My sister Erin with our parents Rhonda and Gary posing with the Freedom Train in the background.

Was I slightly envious that my mom (Rhonda), dad (Gary), and sister (Erin) recently visited Korea for the first time to explore place that makes up half of our ethnic heritage (the other half being Chinese) without me? Sure I was! But on the flip side, I knew they’d return with wonderful stories and photos of their trip sharing what they saw, ate, experienced, and much more. Not to mention the gifts they’d return with for the family. Thanks for all of those.

So this is what I’m hoping is the first of several “guest posts” on the Kam Family Blog by my family members. We’ll start simple with some photos and some captions sent to me by my dad. But what I hope to post here in the near future is short experiential stories from their vacation (hint, hint…Erin, mom and dad) that dig into the things that made the visit most memorable.

We begin with a few photos (with captions) from dad.

Korea -  Day 1

Korean students like to meet English speaking visitors so they can practice their English. I met a student on the flight to Jeju Island.

Korea - Day 1a

Other students show the victory sign.

Korea - DMZ 001

Korean soldier boards bus to check on passports at the guard station.

Korea - DMZ 002

Young Republic of Korea (ROK) soldiers at the Demilitatized Zone (DMZ).

Korea - DMZ 003

ROK Mike Kang (left) and fellow soldier give the "shaka" sign with Erin to say ALOHA. Kang attended BYU Hawaii for a couple of years before returning to Korea to serve in the army.

Korea - DMZ 006

Rhonda getting a closer view of the area.

More soldiers giving the "shaka" sign!

More soldiers giving the "shaka" sign!

I’m requesting that the next post include some of the beautiful photos of the places they visited, some of the food they ate, and people they met along the way. I saw the photos and they are worth blogging…for sure!


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