Happy Father’s Day to the best dads on Earth!

Posted: June 21, 2009 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends
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Kelly's father Dave has big plans to make Ensen a fine fisherman like himself.

There have been so many great times enjoyed and memories made with our dads over the years. Kelly and I are fortunate to have  such supportive, wise, and loving role models in our lives. Both taught us the meaning of hard work and challenged us to do and be our best. We can’t imagine life without them!

Father’s Day has now become extra special becoming a dad myself with 2-year-old Ensen growing up quickly. I vividly recall joking when I was younger that “I’ll never do things like my father when I grow up.” Boy was I wrong. I seem to be  “a chip off the ‘ol block” more and more every year…every month…every week…every day. YIKES! But it’s a good thing…err…right Kelly? 😉 I’ve learned a lot from my pops and look forward to sharing that wisdom with Ensen as get gets older.



My father Gary and Ensen always find time to goof around.

P.S. To our moms, we love you just as much…but you already know that. 😉


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