Giant insects invade Oahu’s Pearlridge Center

Posted: June 24, 2009 by Nathan Kam in Ensen & Avery, Family & Friends, Hawaiian Islands, Oahu
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After much anticipation, Kelly and I finally had the chance to take Ensen to see the Giant Insect Safari exhibit at Pearlridge Center Uptown. Aunty Kim also came along to ensure none of the huge bugs attacked us. It’s actually one of the better mall experiences I’ve seen and needless to say Ensen loved riding the train ($3/person) through the larger-than-life creature display. I have to say the 19-foot Praying Mantis, the 15-foot Caterpillar, and 16-foot Locust were 100 times grosser (is that a word?) than their real-life counterparts, but really cool at the same time. 🙂 Little E (in the orange shirt) had so much fun, I created a little video of our adventure.

The Giant Insect Safari runs through August 2, 2009, all day, every day during mall hours. The exhibit is FREE to view with a nominal charge to ride the train. It’s a great summertime family activity to beat the island heat (love Pearlridge’s cool AC), get educated about insects, and do a little shopping to boost the local economy.

We’ll certainly be back!


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  1. bali says:

    be careful when going to pearlridge, poor security. my son’s car was broken into while shoppinf there, they broke his window to get in. my son had to go back to the mall to dind a security person.

  2. Damon Tucker says:

    That is too cool! I wish I had more things to take my son to here on the Big Island.

  3. Lyanne says:

    Those insects are huge!! And Little E is soooo cute! I miss you all!

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