Ever seen a 12 pound papaya?

Posted: July 15, 2009 by Nathan Kam in Eating and Drinking
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Kelly, Ensen, and Nikki the dog posing with the giant papaya.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me share photos of the gigantic papayas that grow in Kelly’s parents backyard in Kailua. It’s really hard to tell how big these massive fruits are when they are 12 feet off the ground, but this past weekend we found out first hand just how huge they are! To be exact, the papaya you see Kelly and Ensen posing with above came in at a whopping 12 pounds and 28 inches in diameter. Yes, you read that correctly!

Just how did this papaya tree end up producing these giant fruit? We have no idea, but a good guess is that a bird probably dropped an accidental seed from high above and the rest is history. The fruit was incredibly juicy and tasty. The photos that follow will give you a better idea of its crazy size.


Uncle Jon lifts Ensen to try and get a feel of just how big the papayas are. This photo was taken about three weeks ago. They were still green and still huge!


This photo was taken this weekend after picking. Ensen is roughly 24 pounds. The papaya is 12 pounds. You get the picture.


Past papayas that have come from the tree have been seedless. This giant had a little, but not a lot of seeds to clean out. If you didn't have the soda can to compare the scale, one might think it was a regular solo papaya you buy at the grocery store.


Enough to feed an army, Ensen digs in with the first bite. This would have been enough papaya to feed him for at least a week.


One final perspective. The giant papaya cooling in a 50-quart cooler.


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  1. Jesus garcia says:

    Abersi me puedes vender unas semillas por que me gusto mucho ese arbol

  2. Jaehyung Lee says:

    What is this papaya’s variety? I’d like to get the seeds.

  3. Andy says:

    do you happen to have some of those seeds available. I have being trying to find that variety of papaya for a while. All I find online is the other varieties. This type grow in my country of origin and I would love to get some seed to grow them here in Taxas. If you can help me out please let me know.
    Thanks and great post.

  4. Dave says:

    OMG! – WOW!
    What are they feeding that tree?

  5. Dan Zelikman says:

    OMG! You fed a real sized football to your kid! Poor form Nate!

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