Unleashing the Rebel (T1i) within!

Posted: October 12, 2009 by Nathan Kam in Random Raves & Rants
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I finally did it! After months of research and changing my mind from Canon to Nikon to Canon, I finally purchased my first DSLR camera yesterday from Costco. Yes, Costco!

I’ve had my eyes on the Canon EOS Rebel T1i for quite some time and took the plunge yesterday after stumbling upon a $1,049 kit at Costco that included the camera with a EF-S 18-55mm IS lens, an additional EF-S 55-250 mm F/4-5.6 IS lens, gadget bag, 4GB SDHC memory card, mini-HDMI cable, and a bunch of tutorial stuff. It seemed like a good deal for a beginner like me that I couldn’t pass up. And I’ve been a fan of Canon’s PowerShot cameras for years, so I figured why change brands now.

So far the camera is living up to the hype in my opinion. Point-and-shoot features produced some nice photos right out of the box. The photos in this post were taken in the most basic setting and came out pretty good. The exciting thing is there’s a ton more options for me to figure out. I have a feeling I’m going to become somewhat of a photo nut as I explore all the features, including the full HD video capabilities.

Stay tuned as I unleash my inner photographer on my family, friend, and anything within picture taking range. 😉 For now, I leave you with a few shots I snapped of Ensen last night. That’s him with his cousin Bradley who’s visiting from San Francisco.






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  1. Kris says:

    Congrats on the new camera. Had my eye on that one ever since it came out (and replaced my Rebel XSi on the market). Since then, the 7D came out, and after talking to a few folks at the Maui Photo Festival last month, I’m back to thinking about the full frame 5D Mark II.

    Too many choices (most of them too expensive) but, oh the possibility. Looking forward to see how well the HD video works for you chasing little Ensen around. 🙂

    • Nathan says:

      Aloha Kris,

      I wish I had the skills to go with a camera like the 5D…that thing looks sweet. Had fun with the T1i on Maui this past weekend. Will try to get some photos up this week here on the blog. Still need to utilize the HD video. Coming up soon as well.

      Take care.


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