Photos with cat-itude!

Posted: October 23, 2009 by Nathan Kam in Family & Friends, Jabbey & Tikki
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Had some fun last night photographing our girl cat Tikki with the Canon EOS Rebel T1i. She was quite the model for the first 30 shots…then as you can tell by the last photo she had just about enough. We did reward her with extra pets which she thoroughly enjoyed.

He doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll soon be her brother Jabbey’s turn for his photo session. Stay tuned for those photos of our masked tuxedo cat.


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  1. loveromance says:

    Your cat looks like my cat!!!

  2. A Maui Blog says:

    uuuuuu … the last photo is a STINK EYE! reminds me of our cats 😉 Gorgeous cat you have!

  3. Keahi Pelayo says:

    Now that is a good looking cat.

  4. Tino says:

    Haha, just did a photo session with our kitty, too.

    Julie’s is next! 🙂

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