Proud brother welcomes baby sister to the world

Posted: April 17, 2010 by Nathan Kam in Ensen & Avery, Family & Friends
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On Wednesday, April 14 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Avery Dae Kam to our family. She was born 7 lbs. 0.5 oz., 19 inches long and is a pure bundle of joy. Our son Ensen (2.10 years old) was equally excited to meet is new baby sister.

Here’s a short video of big brother holding Avery just about a two hours after she was born. Priceless!


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  1. Congrats to you and your family, Nathan. She is precious.

    Speaking as a mom of 18 yo daughter and 14 yo son, Avery will benefit from having an older brother. (She’ll be very comfortable hanging out with Ensen and his guy friends and they will watch her back!)

  2. Sorry I’m late, but congratulations and welcome to the new bundle of sisterly joy.

  3. Dave says:


  4. Damon says:

    Ack… I meant Pink Cigars and very Beautiful.

    My best man’s wife from my wedding just gave birth to a Boy a week ago… my mistake!

  5. Damon says:

    Bust out the Blue Cigars!

    Avery is a great name!

    Very handsome!


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