Plenty of altitude at TBEX ’12 in Keystone, CO

Posted: June 16, 2012 by Nathan Kam in Colorado, On The Job, Travel
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This weekend I’m at the beautiful Keystone Resort in Colorado attending TBEX ’12 representing the Hawaiian Island (and my client the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau). I’m actually here with a few other Hawaii delegates, including my colleague Noreen Kam and Hawaii-based bloggers Malia Yoshioka and Kim Rodgers.

It’s an incredible opportunity to network with and pitch story ideas to some of the top names in travel writing/blogging today. And while many have already made their presence felt at the opening reception at The Keystone Outpost last night at the delicious “Taste of Vail” event, there has been one other attendee here that’s been having an impact. THE ALTITUDE!

Coming from sea level of Hawaii to the “Mile High City” of Denver in 6.5 hours, it’s been an interesting transition. So far, I’ve fared pretty well, but I know the altitude has taken its toll on others. I’ve been taking the sage advice of friends to keep hydrated, lay low on the alcohol, and go slow. The water part is easy, but the other two are going to be a challenge with so many great events and warm Keystone hospitality being rolled our at our every turn. Plus this mountain resort has so much to see and do outside the conference agenda. It’s gorgeous here!

Well enough of this, time to get back to business. Opening keynote starts at 9 a.m. I’ll blog with you later.


Keystone Resort Village

Gondolas to The Keystone Outpost at 11,600+ feet elevation. Incredible ride and views from the top.

Heading up the mountain with Kim Rodgers and Malia Yoshioka. Shaka! \m/

Got to touch a little of the leftover snow too!

Incredible mountain views from The Keystone Outpost.

The food at “A Taste of Vail” was delicious as well with dishes like this one from Beano’s Cabin – Suckling Berkshire Pig Ragout, House Made Pappardelle Pasta, Peach Preserves.

Gondolas to head back down the mountain.



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