Eat This: Giant Boiled Peanuts from Patty’s Nuts and Beans

Posted: July 12, 2012 by Nathan Kam in Eating and Drinking, Hawaiian Islands, Oahu
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If you’re a sucker for boiled peanuts like I am, then you’ll love the giant, juicy, and flavorful ones from Patty’s Peanuts. I discovered them by chance after we moved to Pearl City and visited the Momilani Farmers Market (at Momilani Community Center on Fridays from 3-7 p.m.). I bought a couple of bags of the giant sized boiled peanuts (she also sells the regular size, dried and soy beans in various flavors) for $5 each. As soon as she handed them to me, I could smell a strong aroma of star anise permeating the bag and it was evident these things were gonna be juicy.

We dove into a bag as soon as we got home. As I cracked open a shell, the cooking juice came running out and in front of me were three perfectly cooked, succulent, and incredibly delicious peanuts ready to be devoured. It was a pretty memorable first bite. The peanut as a slight crunch and a salty, anise flavor just as I had anticipated. It paired perfectly with my cold beer.

If you have a chance to get some of Patty’s Nuts and Beans, I highly recommend it. A quick search on Google revealed no other information about the business or other locations which she sells these delicious legumes. Best bet is to call the number in the photo below or come on down to the Momilani Farmers Market held every Friday.


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