Eat This: Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle from Costco

Posted: February 20, 2013 by Nathan Kam in Eating and Drinking
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My simple advice to you is get a bag (or two) of this delicious Brownie Brittle the next time you’re at Costco or Don Quijote. Why? Well, if you typically reach for the crunchy corner pieces in the brownie pan like I do, you’ll absolutely love these crisp and decadent snacks. As the package reads, “No more fighting for the Corner Pieces.”

Apparently, these brownie treats have been on the shelves for some time now, but I only recently discovered them when my mother-in-law sent us home with a bag the other night. I’m glad…and mad…she did. This has instantly become a family favorite and will surely satisfy your craving for declines chocolate brownies anytime of the day.

Have you tried this yet? Love? Hate?

My apologies in advance if you get hooked like we are.


As the package

  1. Shirley Thau says:

    I’ve bought Sheila g’s brownie brittle cookie at Costco in Montreal Canada (Marche Central) & I LOVED THEM BUT HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO FIND THEM AGAIN AT COSTCO. Does Costco plan on getting them in again?

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