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Birthday festivities started on Friday at home with a simple dinner and singing of Happy Birthday to you with a cupcake.

The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is so true when it comes to raising a child. Particularly your first child! Ensen turned the big 2-years-old this past Friday and while we didn’t celebrate with an all out festival like most Hawaii families would have, we did manage to piece together a fun and busy weekend with friends and family. Here’s a photo recap. Happy Birthday Ensen!


Ensen had a busy Saturday. First stop…the doctor for a 2-year-old checkup. Poor kid got pricked three times in three different limbs for a HepA shot, TB test, and for some blood work. Needless to say he took it better than his daddy would have. Here he is showing off his TB test battle wound.


After the doctor’s appointment, we headed to Tadashi, our favorite Japanese restaurant in Aiea, with Grandma Kam, my sister Erin, and her boyfriend Craig.


Lunch was delicious as always but there was still space in Ensen’s tummy for dessert.


Our Saturday wasn’t over yet! We then headed down to Kailua to celebrate with Kailua Grandpa and Grandma and the rest of the family. Ensen scored some cool gifts which he’s modeling here. New Air Jordan shoes, a Rockband t-shirt, and Cars pop-up tent. Thanks everyone!


Ensen also scored a Thomas and Friends mine set from Aunty Kim and Uncle Glen to add to his growing collection.


He clearly loved this gift tearing into it as fast as he could then demanding to play with it. We put it together the following day.

Here's the proof!

Here’s the proof!


Back to the party on Saturday. There was an awesome Thomas and Friends cake that made an appearance. Mahalo Safeway!


Ensen and Uncle Jon then got creative and used the frosting as face paint. Maybe we should be Kiss for Halloween. Hmmm….


The birthday weekend celebration ended on Sunday. We treated Ensen to Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music at the Neil Blaisdell Center. We had a great time singing and dancing along with Elmo and the crew from our seats.


Ensen was all smiles during the performance.


This is a great show for families. I’m glad we went and can’t wait to go again the next time Sesame Street Live comes to town!


And one last photo to close out this post. Disco Bert was a hit!

BTW, you can see more of the Sesame Street Live fun on my Flickr page.


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At just 13 months old, Ensen proved to us last night at Macy’s that he’s got fashion sense. Afterall, look at the way the kid is dressed…Quiksilver shirt/shorts and Air Jordan shoes. He definitely dresses better than his father. DAMN!

While Kelly browsed around the children’s section, “Little E” and I had some fun running around checking out the latest fashions. Even though none of the sizes in this section fit me, Ensen didn’t hesitate making some recommendations as my personal shopper.

Those red and black surf shorts he picked out for me were pretty styling…just needed to be in a size 32.

I’ll bet your personal shopper isn’t as cute as ours. Okay, that’s just a proud daddy blogging. 😉