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The $9 collector’s item!

Posted: May 14, 2008 by Nathan Kam in Random Raves & Rants
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On my way back to Oahu after finishing the Pressure Cook filming on the Big Island, I stopped in the gift shop by the Hawaiian Airlines gate to kill some time. I stumbled upon this Aloha Airlines toy on the shelf and bought two of them as keepsakes or collector’s items if you will…one for Ensen to play with and one for me to keep in its original package as a future “talk story” piece.

The cashier behind the counter told me these were flying off the shelves and they were having a hard time ordering more. It could have just been a sales pitch, but I think it was the sad truth about people attempting to hold on to a piece of Hawaii history.

I’m holding on to my two planes for as long as I can, but I see people are turning around and selling them on eBay for a slightly higher price. Different strokes for different folks. It’s a really cool pull-back toy that makes a great take off and landing sound with flashing lights on the engines. Ensen certainly loves it!