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It’s been quite some time since my last blog post. I blame it on work, quality family time, and the pending arrival of our second child any day now. Exciting stuff! But this being Good Friday and a holiday for me, I thought I’d take some time to give thanks and praise to a few of my favorite things that took place this past month…

(1) University of Hawaii Baseball Games – It’s hard to beat a lazy weekend afternoon at the ballpark and Les Murakami Stadium is no exception. As University of Hawaii alumni, Kelly and I have enjoyed coming to cheer on the UH Rainbows for years, usually sipping on a couple of ice cold beers, chowing down on ballpark food, and the just kicking-back and taking in the atmosphere. And now Ensen loves it too. For $5/person, we sit in the upper deck and soak up the action. Give it a shot if you’re looking for something fun to do the next time the Rainbows are in town.

(2) Golfing – Those who knew me a few years ago know that every chance I got, I was usually on the golf course…though that has changed significantly since Ensen was born. I’ve chosen to cut back on my golf game to spend more time with family, watching Little E grow up, and doing as much family activities on the weekends as possible. It’s the way life should be. But don’t get me wrong, every now and then, I need to be on a golf course, hack it around with friends, and enjoy some friendly competition. In fact, a couple friends – John Garcia and Shawn Nakamoto – and I recently started a new “social media golf club” of sorts – It’s our humble attempt to mix social networking with one of our favorite sports. Here’s a few photos from our first get together at Hawaii Kai Golf Course’s Executive Course on March 6. Hope you’ll come out and join us for our next…stay tuned.

@TherapyGrill @johngarcia @surfchik4jesus @shawnnakamoto

@beradical @annie_lee

@gypsyraven @kaeok


(3) Kuru Kuru Sushi – The Kam family loves sushi and Kuru Kuri Sushi in Pearl Kai Shopping Center is our go-to place when we have a craving. As “conveyor belt sushi joints” go, this place is superior to all the others in my opinion. The quality of the fish and portions are always great, service is consistently awesome, and the prices are right. Plus the diversity of raw and cooked items on the menu means there something to please everyone’s palate. However, be prepared to wait for a seat as this place is extremely popular. We’ve waited for up to 45, but I will tell you it’s worth it. If you get there, let me know what you think.

(4) Chef Ed Kenney and Downtown/Town – One of the great things about working in downtown Honolulu is all of the great places to eat. One of my favorites is Downtown at the Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM). This is one of Chef Ed Kenney’s two great restaurants in Honolulu (the other being Town in Kaimuki on Waialae which we love too!) where his motto is “local first, organic whenever possible, and with aloha always.” And this shines on his beautiful plates of food. Fresh, simple, clean, and ono is the way I like to sum up the menu.  For a true taste of local farm-to-table cooking, this is the place. I recently had lunch there with PR colleagues Melissa Malahoff-Kamei and Robin Carr and enjoyed the Kulana Ribeye with Ho’s Farms Long Beans, Roasted Tomato, Chimichurri. Talk about one tasty steak!

(5) Blarney Burger at Murphy’s Bar and Grill – Just ask my pal and co-worker Dan Zelikman and he’ll echo the same sentiments about the Blarney Burger at Murphy’s Bar and Grill. What exactly is a Blarney Burger you ask? Well it’s a juicy  and delicious burger topped with imported white cheddar and Guinness cheese and served with a good helping of fries. It’s even more heavenly if you add bacon (as shown below). Murphy’s is a favorite lunchtime spot of ours for good food and inspiring conversation. It’s also a great place to run into the “who’s who” of downtown Honolulu.

(6) Student Tours of Anthology Marketing Group – One of the rewarding things about working at Anthology Marketing Group is being able to share our company’s story, expertise, and values with college students.  The latest group to visit us a few days ago was the young men and women of the University of Hawaii’s Business Executive Society of Tomorrow (or B.E.S.T.). One of my best buddies, Brad Araki, was one of the original founders of the club back in the day and this group has kept the momentum going. I’ve always been impressed with the leadership and activities this club organizes for its members. Mahalo to president Cody Momohara and his board for coming by to visit the agency.

So now I ask you. What’s on your list of favorite things to do? I actually should have put photography on the list, but I’ll save that for the next one. Happy Good Friday to all!


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I’ve been in a list making kind of mood the last week. I noticed some new Anthology Marketing Group folks joining Twitter recently and was glad to see many of my colleagues using the service. This prompted me to do a more thorough investigation of just who from our agency – comprised of McNeil Wilson Communications, Laird Christianson Advertising, StarrTech Interactive, QMark Research, and Alt – was on there. If you’re interesting in following some folks working in Hawaii’s largest integrated marketing agency, just click this link to see all the tweeps.


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Congratulations to Domestic Violence Action Center for generating the most votes this week in my Anthology Marketing Group Yule Store nomination poll. It’s wasn’t even a close race with them garnering more than 60% of the votes and it’s clear that this is a cause important to many people. So much so, that when I turned in my nomination yesterday, I was informed that DVAC was already nominated by my colleague Amy Hennessey. So they were in even before I started my poll. DOH!

So here’s what I’m doing. I’m nominating the second place winner which is Hawaii Meals on Wheels. Both deserving causes will now be considered to be the beneficiary of our silent auction which is coming up in December. Our agency staff will now vote internally to decide who the lucky recipient will be. Stay tuned.

And last but not least, mahalo to everyone who participted in the poll and send me nomination suggestions. There were more than 70 votes cast and tons of great feedback. A great way to start the holiday season.


UPDATE: In conferring with my team members this morning, those four-night stays at the Sheraton Waikiki we each won will be going towards a greater cause…the Anthology Marketing Group Yule Store Silent Auction. What a generous bunch of people I work with!

The winning 6th place team of Tom Shiu, me, and Noelle Baker.

We may not have had the lowest score of the day, but Team Anthology Marketing Group had the right score yesterday (net 52.2) to be named the winning team in the 6th Annual Sheraton Hawaii Bowl Golf Tournament yesterday at Kapolei Golf Course. To our surprise, the tournament awarded the top prize (each of us a 4-night stay a the Sheraton Waikiki) to the sixth place team in celebration of its sixth year. It paid to be “kind of good” in this case, and having no expectations going in, was an exciting way to end a fantastic day of golf.


Those who play in three-man modified scramble tournaments know it really takes a team effort for a chance to win. Thank goodness our team was clicking on nearly all cylinders.

Tom Shiu (30 handicap) of Laird Christianson Advertising is a very consistent and steady golfer. He’s also one heck of a putter who birdied a few holes to keep the team score down. Noelle Baker (35 handicap), one of the partners of Anthology Marketing Group, is equally as steady in her play, a tremendous driver of the golf ball, and just a joy to be with out on the golf course.

As for me (13 handicap), I actually played pretty good considering I hadn’t teed it up in quite some time. I drove the ball well, irons were working, but the putter was broken. Thank goodness I had solid team members to help get the ball in the hole. There must be something about Kapolei Golf Course that fits my game since it’s also the place I’ve shot my lowest score of 75. All in all, we had a great time.


Here's the proof. Our net score of 52.2 was calculated off our gross score of 68 plus 20 percent of our team handicap. Thank goodness for handicaps.

Here’s to hoping we can tee it up as an agency again soon. Mahalo to our fearless leader Dennis Christianson for sponsoring the Anthology team and to Mei Jeanne Wagner for answering my somewhat sarcastic question – “Why don’t we enter a team?” – so positively and for helping to make this happen. This win is for the agency!

Last but not least, my final words to my teammates: WE KICKED A$$! 🙂


A beautiful sunset in Kapolei as we finish up our round.



For the past 25 years, our firm has celebrated an annual holiday tradition called the Yule Store. Employees, vendors, clients, and a number of others donate items to our silent auction with all of the proceeds raised going to a local charitable organization. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and a wonderful opportunity for everyone at Anthology Marketing Group to rally together to support a common cause.

Which brings me to the subject of my post today. The benefiting charity is selected by an internal agency voting process based on employee nominations. Since the Twitter community as been so helpful to me, I decided to post the following “tweet” yesterday seeking help with nominations:

Pondering what Hawaii charity to nominate for our company’s annual Yule Store holiday fundraiser. All proceeds go to them. Suggestions?

I immediately got some good responses in my Twitter stream:

Melissa808 @NathanKam My charity of choice is the Domestic Violence Clearinghouse. No personal experience, thank God, but my gramma would agree…!

Andy_Bumatai @NathanKam Hawaii Meals on Wheels. Feeding the homebound and donations are WAY down. I’m on the advisory board.

dote Icon_red_lock @NathanKam There’s this great non-profit that just formed, its called the Dote-Porsche-Fund project… I hear they’re at $0 raised so far =) Seriously tho — what about the food bank?

kyeung808 @nathankam when in doubt…Susan G Komen Breast Cancer foundation.

rhak @NathanKam Allow me to suggest Soldier’s Angels

While I’m leaning towards the “Dote Porsche Fund Project” – NOT – I think all of the suggestions are deserving and worth-while causes.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m turning to followers of this blog and my network on Twitter to help me make my decision.

I need to turn in my selection by Friday, November 7, so this gives you two days to vote and help me select a charity. Use the poll on the right to make your selection or leave a comment. You have until Friday at 8 a.m. to cast your vote. Tell your friends to support your cause. The organization with the most votes gets my endorsement into the company pool.

Being relatively new parents with a 16-month-old son and growing up with loving and supportive families, we’re also adding Child & Family Service as one of the nominations to the list. They’ve been doing some great work in the community here and I support their mission of “strengthening families and fostering the healthy development of children.”

Thanks for your help.


For more information about these organizations, please visit their websites:

The Halloweenies of Anthology Marketing Group.

The Anthology Marketing Group gang sure knows how to make the most of Halloween. Here’s some photos I’ve been able to capture of our spirited staff in their best attire. Check back for updates as I’ll be posting additional photos as I snap them. 🙂

Dan of StarrTech with...hmmmm...I don't know.

Not sure what happened here but someone is gonna be on TinyTV!

Amy of McNeil Wilson Communications.

The "face of social media." Meet Michael of McNeil Wilson.

Jenni of Laird Christianson and Maria of McNeil Wilson.

Jessie the Barbarian of Laird Christianson.

Here I am with my shrunken head and orange polo.

Randi, Melissa, and Bianca of McNeil Wilson.

Warren and Kalei of McNeil Wilson.

Janice, Randi, and Erin of McNeil Wilson.

Anthony of Laird Christianson.

Anthony of Laird Christianson.

Who said Anthology didn't have good looking guys?

Who said Anthology didn't have good looking guys?

Janice and Lori of McNeil Wilson.

Janice and Lori of McNeil Wilson.

"Noreen as "Diamond Head" and Melissa "the greeter" of McNeil Wilson.

Noreen as "Diamond Head" and Melissa "the greeter" of McNeil Wilson.


Yours truly with Lori Abe, Buck and Donivee Laird, and David McNeil.

More than 100 staff of Anthology Marketing Group gathered at the Banker’s Club last night to say aloha to Buck Laird who retired after a 35-year advertising career in Hawaii. Buck was one of the most recognized figures in the advertising community and co-founded of the state’s largest advertising agency, Laird Christianson Advertising, in 1989 with David McNeil and David Wilson (founders of McNeil Wilson Communications).

It was a great night filled with humorous and heartfelt speeches, creative videos, and with Buck surrounded by his family, friends, and co-workers. I’ll miss seeing Uncle Buck around the office and wish him a fun and exciting retirement. Word on the street is he’s got a cool new Mini Cooper to keep him occupied. Here’s a few photos from last night’s gathering.

From left: Buck with his family. Everyone giving Buck a round of applause. David and Buck.

From left: Anthology Marketing Group CEO Dennis Christianson with Buck in a couple of poses. Page, Keith, Mary, Mei Jeanne, Jenni’s husband (sorry, don’t know your name), Amy, Brad, Chris, and Jenni with the man of the night.