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The backside of the Optimus Prime box. Check out the graphics. Amazing!

You know that saying “they just don’t make ’em like they used to?” The statement couldn’t be more true as I continued my treasure hunt through my closet at home. An unmarked box high up on the shelf revealed one of my favorite toys of all time – TRANSFORMERS!

Arguably the coolest toy of its time and the one other kids drooled over when they saw you had one. LOL!

Talk about quality, these original Autobots and Decepticons were built to last – take a licking and keep on ticking. Okay, I’ll stop with the cliches. But in all seriousness, these toys from the 80s were bad ass and expensive by standards in those days…the Megatron box below had a price tag of $27.99 on it and guess where it was purchased from? That’s right, Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware!

Optimus Prime circa 1984.

Look at the quality and design of this thing. Built to last!

My Optimus Prime was in fine shape with all parts in tact and I do recall playing with this thing a lot when I was younger. So I was impressed to find it in one piece, no yucky deteriorating rubber wheels, or rusted joints. The darn thing still works perfectly. As it turns out, these Transformers were really “more than meets the eyes” in all aspects of the slogan.

Optimus Prime - Leader of the Autobots

Remember Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons?

I think this one was is called Soundwave. Someone let me know if I'm wrong.

I was having so much fun paying with this one, I forgot the tape in his chest actually comes out & is another Decepticon.

For a trip down memory lane, click this link for the Transformers history.

So what kind of cool childhood toys do you have tucked away in storage or in a closet? Do they still work or falling to pieces? And do you think the quality of toys today stack up with the toys we played with yesterday?

Here’s a hint on my next toy post…may the force be with you. 😉