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We had a “rockin” time celebrating Ensen’s first birthday this Saturday at Dave & Busters with nearly 130 of our closest family and friends gathering in The Showroom for the “rock n’ roll” themed party. We decided to keep things fairly simple and straight-forward…no formal program, play a few games, provide a delicious lunch buffet and open bar for all, sing Happy Birthday, then give all the kids Power Cards and turn them lose in the arcade. That formula seemed to have worked as everyone said they had a good time. Mission accomplished.

Getting ready for everyone to arrive. The tables are set with the favors and goodie bags for the kiddies. Everyone getting seated and ready to party.

Truth be told, Kelly gets all the credit for the success of this event spending the past five months planning and executing with her sister Kim. My sister Erin and her friend Kim D. helped out as well, but the bulk of the work was really done by my awesome wife. She did it all…invitations, slide show, favors, and everything else in between..all while transitioning into a new full-time job. KELLY ROCKS!

Kelly and Ensen greeting people as they arrive. Glen putting the finishing touches on the birthday cake. Those awesome guitars were made by Kelly’s sister Kim out of fondant. Yes, Kim and Glen are both pastry chefs…our personal Ace of Cakes!

As for me, I attempted to keep Ensen out of Kelly’s hair (most times unsuccessfully) so she could get everything done and helped out when asked. I think I was also supposed to take photos at the party, but managed to fail at that task too. 😦 However, I did manage to get a few good photos, but we’ll need to rely on our friends and family to send more.

Brad and Lia say “hi” to Ensen and my mom (aka Kona Grandma). Ensen celebrated by having lunch with Kaui (the first girl he kissed…other than mom). The birthday boy and me.

Kona Grandpa and Grandma strike a pose with Little E. Kailua Grandpa capturing Ensen taking a swipe out of his birthday cake.

Ensen always enjoys spending time with Aunty Kim and Uncle Glen. Same can be said when he sees Maui Grandma. By the end of the party, the little guy was spent. Always a sign of a good party!

A huge mahalo to everyone who helped celebrate Ensen’s first birthday with us and thanks for all the gifts. Stay tuned for more photos throughout the week.



Ensen turned the big “1” yesterday and the Kam family celebrated the very special occasion at Farrell’s in Pearlridge Center. This was just the “warm up” party with family for the big gathering coming in a couple of weeks. Ensen was super happy to have everyone come celebrate with him, including Kona Grandma (no Kona Grandpa since he was busy working), Kailua Grandpa and Grandma, Aunty Kim and Uncle Glen, Uncle Jon, and Grandma Ishii.

This place is the perfect venue for kids with a lot of noise and action going on every minute of your meal. The staff sings to everyone celebrating a birthday which Ensen just loved. We managed to have a great meal and even had room for the Pig’s Trough dessert at the end. So ono!

In typical Kam Family Blog style, here’s a bunch of pictures from last night.

From left: Mommy and Ensen on our way to the party. Ensen, Kelly, and Jon. Ensen eating dinner…baked potato.

From left: Glen, Kim, Ensen and Kelly. Everyone enjoying dinner. Ensen checking out the other babies at the restaurant.

From left: Singing “Happy Birthday” to Ensen. The Pig’s Trough dessert enough to feed up to 10 people. Glen, Kim, and Ensen.

From left: Kona Grandma with the little man of the hour. Kailua Grandpa showing Ensen all the toys. Everyone happy to be celebrating with the little guy.