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Let me start off by saying that nearly 40 hours of travel time spent in the air and on the road is a long time. Would I change anything about our trip to New Orleans to experience the Sugar Bowl? NO! Would I do it again? I would seriously have to think about it. More about getting to The Big Easy in another blog post.

There’s so much about the trip to talk about, but let me begin with the most important part of the expedition – the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

Our seats in section 616, rows 14 and 15 were fabulous with a sideline view.

Sitting alongside thousands UH Warriors fans in white t-shirts to cheer on the Warriors was a “chicken skin” experience I’ll never forget. It felt like one-third of the 70,000-seat Louisiana Superdome was filled with Warrior fans and while we were clearly outnumbered by Georgia Bulldogs faithful, we gave it everything we had from start to finish. I couldn’t believe how loud it got in the dome.

From left: Lorne and Regan outside the Superdome. Me, my mom (Rhonda) and sister (Erin). The UH Band performs before kick-0ff.

While the outcome of the game was not the one we were hoping for, I take my hat off to the Warriors for playing with a lot of heart and giving it their all. Georgia was clearly the better team that night – bigger, faster, stronger – and it showed. From the start, it was obvious we had our hands full. The Warriors never gave up and the fans never gave up on them. This game helped me understand the meaning of “big time” football – SEC style!

From left: Thousands of fans outside the Superdome. The atmosphere inside the Superdome was electric. The very first play from scrimmage after a good return by UH.

The Warriors have a lot to be proud of and this season will no doubt go down as one of the best ever! Let’s hope June Jones hangs around for a few more years to keep the good times rolling.

More about our trip to New Orleans coming up.



Reading a story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today titled Ten esoteric Hawaii facts UGA fans should know reinforced just how special and exciting this University of Hawaii Warriors football team has been this year. Sports Writer Chip Towers does an excellent job highlighting some of the things that really sets this team apart and paints a great picture of what this football team has achieved this season.

From other Sugar Bowl reports throughout the week, it’s obvious that the University of Georgia Bulldogs are not going to that the Warriors lightly. What it means to me is that college football fans across the county, especially those from Hawaii, are in for one hell of an exciting game.




Be sure to pack your WHITE shirt for the Sugar Bowl. This message hot off the press from the University of Hawaii Athletics website:

The Allstate Sugar Bowl is more than a week away but Head Coach June Jones has already called his first play. And, this one is for the fans.

Jones is calling for a “White Out” in the UH sections and is asking all UH fans in attendance at the Superdome to wear a white shirt. Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt has called for Bulldog fans to wear black shirts.

“This is something that both the UH and Georgia fans can have some fun with and it will be unique to our game,” Jones said. “UH fans can wear green shirts around New Orleans during the week to show their UH pride and then sport a white one at the bowl game.”

The UH football team has been designated as the visiting team and will wear its white jerseys. Georgia, designated the home team, will wear black jerseys.

“We’re in favor of whatever will help motivate our team and rally our fans,” Herman Frazier, UH athletics director, said. “This is an incredible opportunity for our entire state, so we want everyone to enjoy themselves and revel in our team’s success.”

Also, in doing a little research on, looks like the temperatures in New Orleans during Sugar Bowl week will be in the 60s during the day and 50s at night. Pack accordingly.