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I had the incredible opportunity of embarking on the USS Santa Fe Naval submarine as a distinguished guest this past Friday with social media friends Melissa Chang and Burt Lum. I’ll be posting more about the experience over the next week. However, thought I’d post some video (taken with my Canon Rebel EOS T1i) of us spending some time on the “Sail” as we cruised in waters off Oahu’s south shore. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me. After crawling up the hatch, we stood on an area that seemed no bigger than 4′ x 5’…not very much space. Our harness was connected to a safety latch on the sub so in case we fell, we wouldn’t plunge into the Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful day and and an amazing opportunity.  Truly one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had (another being on an overnight embark on the USS Nimitz last year). Check it out!

Be sure to read about Melissa’s experiences aboard the USS Santa Fe on her Urban Mix Plate blog. Bert is sharing his perspectives on his site. I also have photos that I took posted to my Flickr account. Enjoy!


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