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There’s a new boss in the Kam family kitchen thanks to Kelly’s visit to Macy’s the other night. His name is Mr. Keurig and simply put, he’s an amazing single cup coffee maker ideal for parents (or anyone for that matter) on the go. I’m still coming to grips with the price tag of this handsome piece of equipment, but honestly it’s worth its weight in gold (or 25 Starbucks grande cafe mochas if you’re into silly analogies).

What’s so great about it? Well, the fact that it brews a delicious cup of coffee in about a minute and there’s nothing to clean up afterwards is definitely a plus. There’s no coffee pot and parts to wash, filters to dispose of, or coffee to grind. Hallelujah! Not to mention it looks pretty darn cool sitting on the counter and will make for a nice discussion piece when guests come over. Need I say more.?

We’re always looking for ways to make things more efficient around the household, especially with Ensen in the mix. This was definitely one of those “necessary” and “strategic” purchases to simply our lives to some degree. 😉 I can live with that.


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